“93% of the time, sellers are not effectively aligned with buyers.”

DecisionLink delivers dynamic, customer-facing value propositions and business cases that clearly communicate the value of your solutions.


—The Economist



Enrich your customer and prospect info with data matching your value position, build lists based on your ideal prospect profile, review your prospect white space, and balance your sales territories to ensure organizational growth!



Make sure your customers and prospects can justify your sale by ensuring all your deals have a customer validated business case quantifying the financial impact of your solutions and more!



Don't just promise your customers the world, measure their success as well and build a strategic partnership. Be more than just a vendor!


Value Targeting - Market

“I don’t have a good patch, no chance I can make my number with this territory.”

How much more effective would you be if your territories were fair and balanced, you had an evolving catalog of install and competitive whitespace, and a compelling message based on value not features? More

Value Propositions - Sell

“We were not able to get the budget for the deal!”

What value would you get if you had an outside-in business case for every opportunity? What if you had a simple process for your buyers to own and fund their initiatives based on this? More

Value Realized - Success

“We cannot do the renewal, we just haven’t gotten the value out of the solution.”

Could you keep more customers and expand your footprint if you measured the success each customer is able to achieve and their potential for more value? Could this help your net new sales? More

Sell Better With DecisionLink

How Can You Improve Your Communication And Quantify Your Unique Value?

DecisionLink helps you:

  • Empower B2B sales organizations and reps to have what they need for “every deal”
  • Create customized, differentiated business value messaging and financial quantification
  • Enable new prospects and customers to actually see costs & potential benefits from your solutions
  • Close more deals!

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DecisionLink aligns your value impact on the entire customer lifecycle, making your reps better in front of customers and prospects, and resulting in:

  • Better Account Identification, Targeting and Territory Plans
  • Communicate “what’s in it for me” to Improve Marketing Responses
  • Lessen the Number of Forecasted Deals Lost or Slipped
  • Increase Revenue per Deal, Reduce Discounts and Get Better Margins
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • More Reps Making Quota
  • Better Quarterly Performance

Your customers and prospects will love and appreciate the way you sell!

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Don’t Leave the Benefits of These Best-in-Class Capabilities on the Cutting Room Floor.

Companies Like VMWare:

  • Faster Modeling and Better Scalability of Their Value Propositions
  • Enable Real “Account Based Marketing”
  • Produce Customer Ready Content to Help Start Opportunities and Close Deals
  • Achieve Lower Cost, Faster Delivery and Higher Quality Business Cases
  • Leverage Customer Value Achieved to Drive Strategic Engagement

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