One of the biggest challenges in marketing is identifying the best prospects and creating the compelling message to start the conversation which will ultimately lead to revenue.  Most B2B marketing organizations spend countless dollars on lists, tools, and applications to create this demand.  The challenge is this tends to be a shotgun approach vs. a laser.  What if you could organizationally:

  • Identify your universe of top prospects
  • Get better data and details on each prospect
  • Maximize your coverage through balanced territories
  • Create specific messaging for each prospect, not generic

You would find what others are:

  1. More qualified pipeline opportunities
  2. Better odds of closing those opportunities
  3. Less disjoint between marketing and sales
  4. Consistency in content, with the best message each time


B2B sales organizations really struggle with differentiating their offerings and the way they sell. Rarely (less than 10% – IDC) of the time do sellers approach the sale from the buyers perspective and assist the customer with the creation of a business case.  But buyers tell us, 90% of the time they need a business case internally to buy! And we wonder why 54% of deals forecasted to close are lost to No Decision or competition (CSO Insights).  What if you could organizationally:

  • Come to every buyer with an outside-in business case
  • Transfer ownership to the buyer, simply
  • Produce compelling content which you and your buyer can explain

You would find what others are:

  1. Less time spent on deals that will never close
  2. Increased close rates
  3. Increase ASP and/or less discounting

How much easier would it be to make your number every quarter?


Does your reference process suffer because you and your customer forget or even do not know what to measure to prove your success?  This is a common problem in B2B account management which leads to more than desired attrition rates of customers at renewal time.  This lack of ability also hampers your sales teams success in getting new business because of the lack of real quantifiable proof from your customers.  What if you could organizationally:

  • Establish the customers status at purchase
  • Measure performance periodically against plan
  • Feed the reference process and net new sales process
  • Enhance your communication of value with real data

You would find what others are:

  1. Better renewal rates
  2. More strategic customer relationships
  3. Self feeding reference process

Protecting your install base may be the most important thing you do, do not leave it as an afterthought anymore!


We invested in the best of the best…Salesforce, The Challenger Sale methodology, messaging from Corporate Visions and more. DecisionLink tied it all together and made it work. Nothing we invested in is more valuable than DecisionLink.”

Erik GolzVP Enablement, Global Markets & Strategic Products, ACI Worldwide

The most important, and hardest, part of the selling process is the ‘last mile’. Not the stages of sales cycles, the last mile is getting specific about value to a customer, achieving competitive differentiation, and aligning to business outcomes that we help them achieve. And the earlier you do that, the better. DECISIONLINK enables us to achieve the ‘last mile’ in our selling efforts.

Greg HoweEVP Worldwide Sales & Operations, Zilliant Corporation

World-class organizations have ‘value quantification teams’ for $1M+++ opportunities. DECISIONLINK Value Selling Automation delivers the scalability and usability so we can achieve value quantification for any size deal and early in the sales cycle so we can establish competitive differentiation and preference. The DECISIONLINK guys say ‘every deal has a business case’. They are right, and they make it so for their customers.

Gavin HarrisDirector Global Sales Enablement and Operations, VMWare

We were trailing incumbents competitors at a global financial services company. DECISIONLINK engaged and helped us articulate the business outcomes and economic value proposition of our solutions for one of their strategic opportunities. We quickly moved to the leader position, and the financial services company asked us to bring DECISIONLINK back to help with several other of their opportunities. Our CEO observed that ‘business outcomes with numbers make the conversation more interesting!’. Thanks DECISIONLINK.

Business Line Executive, Financial Services Company

The DecisionLink team finally helped us connect the dots between Challenger Selling and our sales approach. With DECISIONLINK, my commercial teams are now able to carry on a “commercial teaching” conversation in ways they were unable to in the past. DECISIONLINK frames the conversation in the language of the customer (vs. what we had done previously, which was framing it on our industry/ business terms). We now have prospects who say: “No one else has shown me this before. This is EXACTLY what I need to convince my leadership we should consider making a change”. As many know, the enemy in most B-to-B selling these days is fear of change. If there is not enough differentiated value, companies stay with what they have. We are overcoming that fear now. We couldn’t be more excited about finding the DECISIONLINK team.

Director of Marketing, Travel Services Company

We had significant previous experience in value selling and business value consulting from one of the world’s pre-eminent technology companies, and understood the benefits. But we wanted a ‘game-changer’ for our Business Value function because traditional methods were too slow, too expensive and lacked scalability. We engaged DecisionLink and were presenting our value propositions to key customers in less than a week. Our solutions were fully modeled in a month and every sales rep had value props for key opportunities in 90 days. DECISIONLINK has changed the Business Value Consulting game in ways we never thought possible.

Director, Sales Effectiveness & Enablement, Learning Management Company

We presented our business case built with DECISIONLINK to the CFO for one of our major prospects. He said, “This is the best, most convincing business case any vendor has ever presented to me.’ We are moving forward, thanks DECISIONLINK.

EVP Sales, SaaS technology provider

The DECISIONLINK guys asked us, ‘Would your CFO approve funding for the proposals you make to your customers and prospects?’ That’s a hard question and we didn’t like our answer. Thanks to DECISIONLINK, we now produce business case content quickly and easily for our proposals, helping our customer and prospect champions justify our solutions. A big step, thanks to DECISIONLINK.

SVP Sales, SaaS application provider


Sales methodology is the key to high performance selling. However, if you’re still struggling to achieve the desired goals, DECISIONLINK can help.

No matter which sales methodology you use, we can help make it better.

We help businesses create high value—meaningful—sales for their customers to ensure they close deals successfully. Our team enables you to take on a focused approach with your target customers, create awareness, sales and renewals by communicating product value, producing value propositions, and business cases to close more deals and achieve higher returns.

If you need expert assistance for adding value to your sales methodology, we look forward to working with you.