Value Propositions


Value Engineering Made Simple

DecisionLink provides services to catalog the value you have provided to existing customers in a Value Map.  Our approach ensures the ability to support the Value Engineering needs of the most complex solutions while maintaining a common and repeatable structure.  You will have the flexibility to support the evolution of the Value Maps and the more experience (“deals”) the system runs, the more accurate your outside-in projections will be over time.

Every Deal Has a Business Case

DecisionLink Value Propositions enables our customers to QUANTIFY, ARTICULATE, AND DEFEND their financial impact and Unique Value for Customer Decision Makers. DecisionLink delivers a breakthrough capability, estimating business outcomes and the economic value proposition of a seller’s solutions through automation.

Simple Structured Content

How many times have you seen a business case which only the creator can explain?  DecisionLink’s provides automated production of branded artifacts, in MS Office formats, which range from executive summaries to detailed explanation documents.  Each of these artifacts can ultimately be edited to take on your customer’s branding so they can use it to sell the initiative when you are not in the room!

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Artifact Examples

  • Brochures

    Executive summary which explains in one page all of the critical value elements and can be used as a nice leave behind with your customer

  • Infographics

    Visual document which explains the value in very simple terms and is designed for executive communication

  • ROI Workbooks

    Detailed document which includes all of the benefits, assumptions, costs, and formulas

  • Competitive Briefs

    Internal document intended to arm your sales reps with the information needed to compete effectively


Value proposition is vital to any business. Creating a clear, compelling, concise value proposition is a key component of a business strategy. Whether yours is a startup or a medium sized firm, an effective marketing value proposition can take it to the next level.

If you are struggling to come up with yours, DecisionLink can help you.

We provide customized tools and methodologies to communicate your specific value to your customers and prospects. Our mission is to help you gain an edge over your competition. Choose DecisionLink to manage all aspects of your value proposition process proactively.