Value Propositions


Value Engineering Made Simple

DecisionLink provides services to catalog the value you have provided to existing customers in a Value Map.  Our approach ensures the ability to support the Value Engineering needs of the most complex solutions while maintaining a common and repeatable structure.  You will have the flexibility to support the evolution of the Value Maps and the more experience (“deals”) the system runs, the more accurate your outside-in projections will be over time.

Every Deal Has a Business Case

DecisionLink Value Propositions enables our customers to QUANTIFY, ARTICULATE, AND DEFEND their financial impact and Unique Value for Customer Decision Makers. DecisionLink delivers a breakthrough capability, estimating business outcomes and the economic value proposition of a seller’s solutions through automation.

Simple Structured Content

How many times have you seen a business case which only the creator can explain?  DecisionLink’s provides automated production of branded artifacts, in MS Office formats, which range from executive summaries to detailed explanation documents.  Each of these artifacts can ultimately be edited to take on your customer’s branding so they can use it to sell the initiative when you are not in the room!



“The Value Selling Automation™ ROI asset provides great comparative insights and justification to develop and drive business value improvements. Most sales professionals do not have a Master’s of Finance Degree, however that does not mean they should shy away from speaking the language of the CFO.”
– Jim Berryhill, CEO, DecisionLink


Research by CSO Insights in a survey of over 1000 C-level sales and marketing executives confirms the ability to produce a solid business case/ROI has a direct, and significant, impact on key sales performance metrics.

It’s an undisputable fact that when sellers deliver a compelling ROI/TCO they win more deals, reduce discounting and the cost of sales, and shorten sales cycles. If that’s good for $1M+ deals, it is good for all deals.

That’s the good news, the bad news, and it is very bad, has 3 data points:

  1. In CSO Insights research, only 9% of companies self-identify as having “Exceeds Expectations” level of capability.
  2. DecisionLink surveyed 10 companies that “Exceed Expectations”. Those companies spend way too much money, the work takes too long, they address only 15-20% of their deals, they do not cover the entire sales cycle (much less marketing, inside sales, customer care and other elements of the entire customer journey), and more.
  3. Buyers say this as a major weakness of sellers according to Forrester Research.

The vast majority of deals get left out because of

  • The high cost of current methods
  • The requirement for expert resources to assist sales in virtually every step of the process, and
  • Salespeople lack the skills, confidence, and automation tools to generate relevant content to support executive level conversations

The company that solves this challenge will dramatically improve sales results, create a significant advantage over their competitors and enhance
shareholder value.

Additional research findings that you should know about…

  • 90% of decision makers require quantifiable evidence of business benefits before investing
  • 2/3 confess that they are poorly equipped with knowledge and tools to create a credible business case
  • Over 80% of buyers look to their solution providers for assistance in quantifying value
    Source: IDC Customer Experience Survey and Customer Experience Panel

Nxt Generation ROI

Supporting all Four Ways You Get Into a New Opportunity! How do our sales opportunities get started?
1.  Seller helps prospect identify need
2.  Prospect identifies need on their own
3.  Competition helps prospect identify need
4.  Existing customer is buying more

Traditional ROI approaches yield little capability for initial engagement, or don’t support it at all. A NxtGen ROI™
needs to support all 4.

Eliminate traditional labor intensive spreadsheet-­based ROI
Save precious time and with a click of a button generate valuable, personalized customer communications, present value propositions and a business case with economic impact and  financial justification for each and every engagement.

Deepen relationships with a compelling “VALUE-based” business case with ROI
Quantify business problems and highlight how much your solution can improve performance throughout the buying process. Provide an easy way to engage buyers in a discussion around your solution’s value in simple financial terms. The cost justification wins you more deals, reduces your sales cycle, and improves your average selling price. Buyers can then present the business case to decision makers to gain budget approval and help to close the deal.

DecisionLink automatically calculates these metrics for you!
A Value Snapshot demonstrates your team’s understanding of the customer’s business

The Value Tear Sheet is used to prepare an ‘Outside-in Analysis’ that captures your internal account team knowledge in the form of a coarse level business case.

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Artifact Examples

  • Brochures

    Executive summary which explains in one page all of the critical value elements and can be used as a nice leave behind with your customer

  • Infographics

    Visual document which explains the value in very simple terms and is designed for executive communication

  • ROI Workbooks

    Detailed document which includes all of the benefits, assumptions, costs, and formulas

  • Competitive Briefs

    Internal document intended to arm your sales reps with the information needed to compete effectively


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