Value Realized


Determine Customer Current State

We often forget that our customers care about the value they want well past the sale.  In order to understand what the customer will receive, you must be able to document where the customer is today.  DecisionLink’s Value Propositions set the stage which can then be validated post-sale with the customer to establish the baseline from which to measure.

Survey Your Customers for Validation

DecisionLink provides you the ability to survey your customers on a specified time frame you define.  You will be able to, through the capture of this information, measure the performance improvement of the customer against baseline and expectation.  Imagine how much different your renewal / maintenance conversations would be when you have concrete validated evidence of value each customer has been able to achieve.

Feed the System and Sellers

Many organizations struggle with gathering compelling customer case studies and references.  By leveraging all three pillars of the DecisionLink Value-Cloud application, you can measure your customers achievement and use this content to feed your reference process.  This also enhances your ability to communicate why others evaluating your solutions should consider purchase.

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Artifact Examples

  • Baseline Report

    Report provided to the customer after signature which leverages the components of the business case to establish the as-is state from which to measure.

  • Survey of Improvement

    Survey document which allows the customer to state the value gained as of the time of the submission

  • Value Realized Report

    Report outlining the current state, expected value and the realized value at any given point in time


Is your business struggling to deliver value to your customers? DecisionLink provides a comprehensive value realization program for an array of businesses.

With a firm commitment to innovation and excellence, we deliver not just the best but consistent quality solutions.

Our value realization strategy focuses on multiple areas, which includes finding new customers, retaining customers / maintaining customer base, enhancing sales team competencies, and more.

We design accurate, tailor-made value realization plans for every company to ensure it suits their specific sales goals, interests and needs.