Value Targeting


Build Lists of Prospects From 240M Global Accounts

DecisionLink’s partnership with one of the worlds largest providers of company information provides you the ability to create lists of targets based on your ideal profile.  You can filter these lists based on size (revenue, employees, assets), industry, type, or location.  Now, for the first time, have a great idea as to the potential universe of buyers and how they fit within your defined territories.

Enhanced Data & Greenfield / White Space Analysis

DecisionLink’s partners, including Emory University, provide our customers with secondary research to better estimate and understand data items which are not typically available in the public domain.  Additionally, you can use DecisionLink integration to CRM to deem which accounts are greenfield, install base, and competitive installs.  This will provide you  with the best overall view of the potential within your territories.

Visual Interface for Territory Modeling

Whether you are defining territories or determining the best accounts within your territory as a sales rep, DecisionLink provides you with a visual interface for stack ranking accounts and territories.  This capability coupled with DecisionLink’s capability to create Value Propositions rapidly, your sales team can focus on the most winnable business with the right message to qualify accounts quickly.


Download a complimentary explanation for segmenting accounts in a sales territory using VALUE TARGETING.

Enhanced Data Examples

  • IT Spend Data

    Estimates to start, refreshed annually, and real data as captured through crowd sourcing

    • Total IT
    • IT Mgmt
    • Security
    • R&D
    • Development
    • Storage
    • and More …
  • HR Spend and Participation

    Estimates to start, refreshed annually, and real data as captured through crowd sourcing

    • Total HR
    • Demographics
    • Risk/Accidents
    • Salary
    • Benefit Participation
    • and More …
  • More to Come

    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Inventory
    • Production
    • Operations


Do you know your target customer? Is your sales team targeting the right audience? Knowing your target audience is imperative for business growth. Accurate targeting enhances sales.

At DecisionLink, we understand the significance of value targeting. We help different businesses identify and determine list of targets depending on their ideal customer profile.

We design customized value target selling methodology for businesses of all types and sizes. No matter what your industry is, we can help you find and engage with your target customers more effectively. Contact us today to learn more.