Supercharge Sales Effectiveness – Harvard Business Review Study

Super Charged Sales Effectiveness

For the first post in this series, (Click Here), I made this claim:

Sales Effectiveness is super-relevant for the Executive Suite and Board of Directors because there is no more significant way to impact an organization’s financial performance than by improving Sales Effectiveness. And there is no more significant way to impact Sales Effectiveness than by “Value Selling”.  

That’s a pretty big claim, and I want to provide a research data point to substantiate it. Harvard Business Review’s analysis of 3 “levers” vividly illustrates, and substantiates, this claim:

While Sales Effectiveness is a meaningful avenue to “Increase Sales Volume”, it is NOT an avenue to “Decrease Discount”. That is the near exclusive domain of Value Selling. By the way, Value Selling impacts and enhances virtually every area of Sales Effectiveness. Value Selling is the avenue to both “Increase Sales Volume” and “Decrease Discount”.

See this Value Selling Success Story for a prime example of what I’m talking about.

Value Selling as a part of an organization’s DNA is the sure-fire avenue to Increased Sales Volumes, Decreased Discounts and higher corporate performance.

Since we’re talking about roadways, the avenue to world-class Value Selling as part of an organization’s DNA is a NXT-GEN ROI system. You can read more about that in general here and specifically what a NXT-GEN ROI system should enable. (Click Here)

The next post in the Supercharge Sales Effectiveness series will be about the “elephant in the room”, AKA CRM.