Putting all your Eggs in One Basket?

No. Aim your Value Correctly all the way UP the Food Chain!

In 2020, we conducted a study in conjunction with Dimensional Research, of 203 SaaS business leaders (at the height of the pandemic), to learn more about their strategies to combat the headwinds of selling in an entirely different world. We specifically wanted to know if they were thinking about value-based selling, value-based marketing, and value realization impact relative to churn rates and just overall how they were thinking about customer value management. When asked how important customer value management was becoming to their organizations 94% said it has become more important to them over the past five years to varying degrees.

chart: change in organizational focus on customer value management

It occurred to me in reviewing these stats, that as CRO’s drive teams to position value and business outcomes with customers, that some sellers may need a hand really discerning what type of value is being generated, and more importantly who cares about what? While there are plenty of value selling methodologies out there, and value selling programs, the objective of this blog is to share my most EGGcelent Value Mapping Cheat Sheet with you to help your salespeople “aim” their value-based conversations the right way. Whether you are a salesperson, a marketer, or even a customer success professional, it’s important to know how to aim your value-based conversations to make the most impact.

Value means different things to different people at different levels within an organization. 

At the highest level of an organization economic business outcomes are key and the measure of value creation. Whereas moving down the organization employees tend to get measured on activity levels or functional area metrics. In other words, even within the same company or the same functional area, value takes on a different form and meaning depending on what a person is responsible for. Therefore, don’t expect people to jump up and down if you tell them your product or service can help them generate an ROI of $650,000 per year if their biggest concern is emergency room wait time or mean time to repair. Context is everything here, and it’s really important to analyze your target buyer, how they are measured, and then help them translate the upstream impact their work has on the overall executive level KPI’s i.e., the business objectives of the company.

Your product or service may have a profound effect on EPS or working capital, so it’s important to calculate and translate the benefits you deliver for your target audience all the way up that hierarchy. This way regardless of whom you speak to in an organization, your value translated becomes music to their ears. So, here’s my cheat sheet of what different “eggs” care about from investors all the way through to project or functional leaders, with examples. Understand though in some very small or very flat companies organizationally speaking, executive and functional KPIs are the same. Have a look…

The question now is, how do you calculate and quantify the impact of your solution(s) across multiple levels and stakeholders and make the connection right to the top? And furthermore, how do customer success teams measure this way when trying to determine the post-implementation impact of the solution, especially during renewal time? And how can marketers leverage these KPI’s in their messaging/content to attract even the highest-level influencer or buyer?

Great questions!

To learn the answers and learn more about taking KPIs and benefits at different levels of the organization and translating them into economic value to attract, engage, win and measure customer value realized, please visit us at www.decisionlink.com and we’ll grow from there.

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Our Series A and a Vision for the Future of Value Management

By Jim Berryhill

I am pleased to share that DecisionLink closed its Series A round, led by Accel with individual participation from industry leaders George Kurtz, President, CEO, and Founder of CrowdStrike, and George Roberts, former EVP of North American Sales for Oracle Corporation and current partner at OpenView Venture Partners.

After spending 30 years in enterprise software sales and sales management, leading high-performance teams at ADR, CA, Siebel Systems, and HP Software with a focus on aligning to customer value, I knew there had to be a better way to have value conversations with more of our customers. I also knew that conversations with buyers about ROI and economic outcomes shouldn’t only be reserved for the most strategic deals, yet throughout my career, that’s where the finite value resources always ended up.

That’s why, when John and I founded DecisionLink 10 years ago, we were adamant about solving the Customer Value Management challenge with software versus services. There was an unmet need in the market to scale value to every customer. Our vision was to create a value management platform that was so sophisticated, it could support not just sales and value engineers, but marketing and customer success, too.

Today’s news validates both the market for Value Management and DecisionLink’s role as a leader within it. You can read the full press release below.

To our customers, partners, friends, and employees thank you for your support. I am thrilled for this next chapter in our company’s growth. This fundraise will help us aggressively scale our efforts and meet the intense demand for ValueCloud® as a modern, cloud-based alternative that can unleash the full potential of Value Management.

And we’re just getting warmed up.

DecisionLink Secures $18.5M Series A to Meet Growing Demand for ValueCloud® Value Management Platform

Funding from prominent tech investor Accel and individual investors will accelerate the expansion and adoption of DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® as the industry standard in Customer Value Management

Atlanta, Georgia – Jan. 14, 2021 – Increasingly, business leaders are turning to DecisionLink’s award-winning ValueCloud® platform as the foundation for a modern, secure, and scalable enterprise-wide Customer Value Management program. To meet this growing demand, Value Management leader DecisionLink today announced an $18.5M Series A fundraising round that will be used to extend the ValueCloud® offering, expand the DecisionLink team, and aggressively grow its customer base.

The round was led by Accel with individual participation from industry leaders George Kurtz, President, CEO, and Founder of CrowdStrike, and George Roberts, former EVP of North American Sales for Oracle Corporation and current partner at OpenView Venture Partners.

“Value Management as a practice is now a C-suite priority and increasingly considered an enterprise-critical function alongside software systems like CRM, marketing automation, and project management,” said Sameer Gandhi, Partner, Accel. “In 2019, we invested in a SAFE round in DecisionLink because we believed in the market opportunity for scalable Value Management. Now, we have been so impressed by DecisionLink’s execution and its ability to drive this transformation on behalf of customers, that we are excited to lead its Series A round.”

Eighty-eight percent of business leaders say Value Management is a top-five strategic priority, yet most still use fragmented approaches through spreadsheets, bespoke applications, or rudimentary calculators to execute this critical function. Reliance on these outdated resources limit speed, scale, and quality, and could be a factor for the 92% that report struggling with Value Management.

“ValueCloud® has made Customer Value Management the next critical enterprise software must-have,” said George Roberts, Venture Partner at OpenView Venture Partners. “I only wish we would have had DecisionLink during my tenure at Oracle; it would have been a game-changer for our thousand-plus member sales team. I am excited to be a part of this proven team as they disrupt and expand their leadership position within this important new category.”

ValueCloud® is a modern, SaaS-based enterprise Value Management platform helping Accel-backed companies such as CrowdStrike, PagerDuty, DocuSign, and other industry leaders like ServiceNow, Marketo, NCR, VMware, and more deploy a robust, scalable Value Management system that establishes value throughout the entire customer journey. Businesses using ValueCloud® as an alternative to traditional, time-intensive manual processes demonstrate significant positive gains in revenue growth, reduced churn, and increased customer satisfaction.

“Customer Value Management is the cornerstone of CrowdStrike’s engagement with our prospects and customers. We believe great customer engagements start with our ability to establish and communicate our value proposition, and ValueCloud® from DecisionLink has enabled us to do so at scale,” said George Kurtz, President, CEO, and Founder of CrowdStrike.

“The marketplace is rapidly embracing Value Management and our ValueCloud® platform to outperform the competition and thrive within the new business normal,” said Jim Berryhill, CEO, and co-founder of DecisionLink. “I am thrilled that Accel, one of the top venture investors in the world, and our individual investors are validating both the market for Value Management and DecisionLink’s role as a leader within it. This fundraise will help us aggressively scale our efforts and meet the intense demand for ValueCloud® as a modern, cloud-based alternative that can unleash the full potential of Value Management.”To learn more about DecisionLink and ValueCloud® please visit https://www.decisionlink.com/.

About DecisionLink
DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® is the first and leading solution for enterprise-class customer value management. The ValueCloud enhances the value of CRM systems by providing the missing link to elevating conversations and shifting relationships from tactical to strategic by providing value insights from initial sales calls all the way through to contract renewals. The ValueCloud® turns customer value insights into strategic assets that can be leveraged across the enterprise, from CXO’s to line of business leaders, to Product Managers, to Marketers, to sales & sales support teams, to value managers. DecisionLink is trusted by top enterprise businesses, including Adobe, Caterpillar, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Marketo, VMWare, and more.

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