2019: A Transformative Year for DecisionLink, ValueCloud® and CVM

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Happy New Year!

The year 2019 was a truly transformative year for the DecisionLink team. Isn’t it interesting that so many people talk about value or customer value without really being able to quantify it or provide data to support the concept? Isn’t it also incredible when sometimes we see that someone else has invented something that seemed like such a no-brainer and we think to ourselves “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Well, the founders of DecisionLink knew ValueCloud® was something unique and special for many years actually, but in 2019 they found themselves with some really amazing customers and an incredible team of A-players to help them tell the story. Now, more industry analysts, media, customers, CROs, value engineers, sales leaders, marketing leaders, customer success leaders, and many other enterprise leaders are beginning to really see and agree that DecisionLink and ValueCloud® are leading the new technology category called Customer Value Management (CVM).

A big part of the reason why ValueCloud® is so groundbreaking is because really for the first time, there is a remarkable solution for helping enterprise businesses treat customer value as an asset and customer value management as a discipline. In other words, ValueCloud® helps your customers understand the numbers and metrics supporting the value of your product or service to them. So, it is all measurable and not as vague or challenging to demonstrate as it has been in the past.

It’s like when you were a child and you stretched out your arms and said, “I love you this much!” Then, you grew to be an adult and you really wanted to show the person you loved how much they meant to you, so you bought them a ring, or a car, or maybe a special vacation trip. You wanted to be more specific about the value you place on having that special person in your life.

Now, companies want to demonstrate to their customers that the value of their relationship truly has specific metrics associated with it. The metrics are really worth regularly revisiting and even improving upon in various ways as the relationship grows and expands.

In 2019, DecisionLink achieved new funding with Accel, one of the top venture capital firms, and Joe Sexton, a Silicon Valley sales leader legend. In 2019, Vendor Neutral certified DecisionLink as the technology leader in the Customer Value Management (CVM) category.

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Happy 2020 from all of us at DecisionLink!

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