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The “Dream Team” to Financial Success in an Organization: Sales and Marketing

marketing and sales puzzle pieces

The B2B selling industry has evolved from the traditional way of selling. Marketing has always been a big factor when it comes to gaining customers and providing sales enablement and brand awareness content for an organization. In recent years, marketing has become bigger than ever, especially in the B2B space. The relationship and partnership between sales and marketing, and how valuable it is when working in tandem, is very beneficial for an organization. Marketing attracts potential customers, but that all starts with a solid and strategic marketing plan. The relationship between sales and marketing go hand and hand. Companies simply cannot function without a strategic and creative marketing plan.

Your sales team should know which customers should know about their products and services to better their operation in their own organization. They understand the logistics of gaining a customer and completing a sale. Sales representatives can inform marketers about their target audience in order to create collateral for sales professionals to be able to properly and efficiently sell the brand and sell the service or product.  Marketing teams are put in place to expand the network of the company and to now help the sales team gain customers. Sales is a part of marketing and marketing is a part of sales. Both of them are main components of having a successful sale and social network. 

For social marketing, organizations need to have great content to promote their company, products, and services. Great content marketing will grab the attention of a customer, and usually what makes content “great” is providing messaging and images that directly relate to your customers’ and prospects’ needs and wants.  If you’re strategically planning correctly, your sales team should be involved with the content creation process. Marketers need to understand the mind of a salesperson to create content that will be displayed for customers to connect to. Content such as webinars, sponsored content, direct sales outreach, and white papers are good ways to gain customers and expand your brand. 

Companies should have a solid social media presence. Having a significant corporate social media presence is huge for marketing. It allows them to showcase important content from the company that can bring customers and engagement. Corporate social media is a source for getting buy-in from salespeople about a service being sold or navigating inquiries about your organization. Social media marketing is also the new trend that falls back on social selling. Companies can connect with customers through social media and potentially close a deal. Using social media networks makes it easier for the sales representative to communicate with customers. It allows easy contact between the customer and sales representative. 

At the end of the day, sales and marketing must support one another to guarantee success. Bringing potential customers, making sales, and gaining exposure from social networking is the ultimate goal between the two teams, because as always, securing deals to help the company grow is crucial to long-term success.