The Future of B2B Sales: From a Buyer’s Perspective Part II

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Closing deals, gaining relationships, and making connections are what buyers look forward to when they are considering purchasing a product or service. Sales are built up from the ground up. Businesses have to establish a trusting and reliable relationship with their customers in order for the partnership to exist year after year.  Buyers and sellers have been used to the way that deals are done in a more “traditional” method, when times seemed a bit simpler, before technology completely disrupted tradition. Methods have changed and everyone needs to be able to adjust accordingly in order to continue to do business efficiently and successfully with one another. 

Buyers have a lot of access and will soon have even more access with the way that technology is continuously evolving.  Technology is a huge factor in the way that deals are made. Going forward, most B2B sales interactions will only be made digitally, which is an adjustment for all parties involved because we have multiple generations working together these days, and the push-and-pull process of “tradition vs. technology” and what works and what doesn’t is an ongoing learning process for all.

Researching is a crucial action that buyers are actively participating in more and more now…again, the ease and convenience of technology makes the process a lot less stringent than in days past.  Buyers can see the majority of the information that they want to know about a product or service, thanks to the Internet. It allows the potential buyer to have access to information without having an official meeting. Buyers are going to actually figure out why the product they need is important. Sellers are way more likely to just tell a buyer what the product wants from the customer, and not why the customer may need the product. Buyers are expecting more from companies and what they can gain from the product or service – detail, detail, and more detail.  The nitty-gritty. The goal is to have the seller completely help the buyer understand every aspect of the product. The buyer wants to see things and obtain information that they can’t uncover themselves, and ultimately understand what makes the seller and its products and/or services unique from its competitors.

Buyers will start to see a change in the way connections and bonds are made. People will rely on relationships they build with people – in this increasingly everything-digital age, human relationships without a bot standing in as a member of the human species mean a lot more now than ever. Buyers are looking for companies who are personable and are in tune and connected with social, cultural, and economic causes.

As time progresses on, the B2B sales world will continue to change and evolve in regards to selling and buying. Companies need to continue to keep up and continue to adjust to the technological times that we live, work, operate, and play in today to be able to satisfy buyers’ wants and needs well-roundly. Decisions will continue to be made differently from the ways of “old” because of the way that companies and customers are still adjusting to the newer world of selling – and thanks to the 2020 pandemic, the rate of speed of adjusting multiplied unexpectedly and significantly. Buyers will make sure they are getting the best they can from the seller and the product, and the same should hold true for the company, its products and services, and its valued relationships with its customers.

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