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Value Hero: Josh Lankford - Championing Differentiated Value

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It is one thing to sell to a prospective customer based on your company's value, but it’s a different challenge when you’re up against competition that is claiming to have the same benefits as you. 

Josh, a Senior Director of Customer Value Management at DecisionLink, has consistently been a champion of not only presenting our value, but more importantly helping to express and articulate our differentiated value against various competitors. 

In today's economic environment, it is absolutely necessary to draw distinct separation from competitors’ claims and the true value that we deliver over them. Josh is truly a master at simplifying at what may seem complex. His ability to not only share the benefit differences, but also ensure that the economic differences are clearly displayed and easily understood is a key to his success.

There have been countless deals where, because of Josh and his ability to reframe conversations to focus on economic impact to the business, we’ve won deals, defended price, or soared through conversations with CFOs and procurement. 

In a recent QVR with a customer, the customer said of Josh: 

"Josh is a true partner and was instrumental in getting us stood up. I have really enjoyed our relationship with DecisionLink because Josh is such an incredible asset to us along the way. He brings suggestions and comments that help us move the ball and mature ourselves in business value as an organization. Any success in business value that we’ve had, he has been instrumental in that."

To say that Josh is a Value Hero is an understatement!


Throughout the summer, DecisionLink is honoring the Value Heroes of organizations as a part of “Value Heroes: A Summer of Recognition.” We are sharing these stories on our blog, submitted by value heroes themselves or by the sales professionals that they have supported.

Our celebration of Value Heroes concludes after Labor Day with our “Value Heroes Summit,” a town hall, virtual forum where value and sales professionals can connect, share stories and best practices and engage with like-minded professionals.

So, share your value selling stories and join the conversation!