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ValueCloud® is Vital to Future Financial Success When Transitioning from Legacy Systems

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All companies have a way of keeping track of their data. We live in a modern world where information can be found in the click of a button, and people have access to everything. Legacy systems are equipped with older software. That may be difficult to operate seeing as some of the pieces used to operate it may be obsolete or hard to find because the system is so old. That will cause greater issues within a business. How can we fix something that is out of date? How can we do our jobs with a system that isn’t equipped to the new changes?

Legacy systems are going to be purposeless in the years to come. It will be useless for companies to continue to use these systems when they’re soon to be unreliable. Companies will constantly have to make sure the information they’re putting in will be valuable for customers. 

It is costly to still have legacy systems and have them operate correctly. Companies are switching from their analog systems to enterprise-wide systems that can properly and efficiently track and measure and react to what their customers and prospects value, like ValueCloud®.

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® can help companies quantify numbers while reaching prospects goals. Focusing on the value of what the customer needs is the number one priority of ValueCloud®. There are steps that are taken to allow prospects to see how the platform is producing numbers and data. The only thing needed from prospects is their business case study and what they can gain from ValueCloud®

ValueCloud® is a platform that will ensure customers what will ensure customer satisfaction. The platform has the ability to understand each customer’s situation and evaluate what they need in order to produce customer retention. For example, the case study builder is designed to build leads off of what prospects provide. From there, the case study builder will generate options for the prospect to use in order to fulfill the needs of what is being asked. Linda Roach, Vice President of Product Marketing at Planview says,ValueCloud® changes the conversation for our sales teams. It allows us to move away from prospects asking, ‘Do you have what I need in the product?’ to instead asking, ‘How is it going to impact our organization?’ And that’s where the opportunity to expand the deal comes in.”  

There is a real meaning behind the work that is put into ValueCloud® and customers are gaining more value for their customers. Legacy systems will not always guarantee the value that they say is being offered. With ValueCloud®, each extended category is going to be reached with the matter of information being provided to produce quality results for customers.