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What Do Bounce Rates, Lead Qualification and Web Calculators Have in Common?

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For marketers, keeping people on your site and engaged is an essential part of an effective lead generation strategy. Like the canary in the coal mine of days gone by, bounce rates are often the first indicator of a potential problem. If people are leaving your site quickly or are only visiting your home page, they are either finding your content confusing, irrelevant, or uninteresting. When your audience visits your home page but can’t find what they’re looking for or found your offering lacking in some way, your bounce rate may be high. It may also simply be an issue of insufficiently deep or engaging content.

Work smarter with your sales team
The goal of any lead generation program is to increase brand awareness, build relationships, and generate the kind of qualified leads that your sales team can ultimately close. Your website needs to be a resource that both draws in potential customers and gives them enough information to help qualify leads. While one part of the strategy is to get the prospect to your site so you can collect their information, equally important is how you ensure that the leads you direct to sales are high quality. Understanding how your sales team defines quality and qualification is key to an optimized lead gen strategy.

Qualify with content
In a world where everyone is inundated with information, giving your prospects the right kinds of content can help with the qualification process. You want content that cuts through all the noise and gives potential customers the insights they need and the time to better understand what you’re offering. That’s often where interactivity can help. When prospects spend more time with your content, they can better process the benefits you offer and gain a deeper understanding of the value your product could add to their business. It’s not just the silver bullet of the right nugget of information at the right moment. It’s the time and space to have a more robust perspective.

Calculators are key
Web calculators are a great option for qualification and engagement. By giving your visitors the power to customize inputs to fit their situation and align it with the realities of your product, you can deliver the kind of deep insights that can move them along the funnel. The challenge has always been the work that it takes to make an effective calculator tool. From data collection to underlying calculations, they can be complicated to create.

DecisionLink Smart Web Calculator changes that. Now you can create top-of-funnel tools that align closely with sales needs and move leads through the process with accompanying insights. By creating real-time, interactive ROI simulations, Smart Web Calculator makes it possible to introduce the value your product can deliver even before your prospect speaks with someone on your team. Best of all, it’s a fully automated development process. Smart Web Calculator is integrated with ValueCloud® the world’s leading Customer Value Management platform. By using your actual customer value data as a foundation, you have a customizable, fully-branded tool that can make your website more compelling and even be used in live sales presentations.

Leading to the next step
Interactivity is essential to keep people’s attention these days. With Smart Web Calculator, you can easily create an engaging online tool based on real-world value data. When visitors are busy inputting information and getting value insights in return, bounce rates go down because they are compelled to take the next step in the buying journey. Smart Web Calculator can also integrate with your CRM or marketing automation platform to help you use it for lead scoring, routing, and qualification. And by connecting your calculator with other sales and marketing tools, you can create a unified communication path across all of the channels you use. As a result, Smart Web Calculator delivers a 12.5% improvement of inquiries into MQLs, for real-world impact your sales team will appreciate.