Marketing & Sales Teams Working Relationship is Even More Crucial Now

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Marketing teams are just as important as sales teams. There has always been a relationship between marketing and sales, of course. Marketers create strategies and tactics to support account executives to execute and close their deals successfully and effectively. However, there are clear barriers between sales and marketing. Each position has different roles to execute in order for the company to have quality content to be able to sing the company’s benefits and value to the customer’s organization. 

Sales teams have the responsibility of making sure the company is meeting the required numbers for the company. Within their roles they have to use marketing strategies to promote their products and customer retention. The importance of making a sale and retaining a customer reflects highly on the strategies, objectives, and tactics of a creative and strategic marketing plan. That is the reason why such a marketing plan is vital to overall success, financially and otherwise. The use of a strategic marketing plan will help sales reach expected financial goals. To be a proficient account executive, you must understand the way marketing operates and functions throughout a company in order to be truly successful.

The role of marketing to sales is to help find prospects and know what the customer wants and needs. Knowing the fundamentals of marketing is key to knowing how to execute a marketing plan. Strategically and methodically implementing marketing methods is key to having a successful business. A company with no marketing plan will fall through the cracks because of the lack of planning ahead of time. Marketers can use different tactics to attract potential customers to the company.

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Marketers are taking more ownership of the products they help sell these days. Companies would not be able to sell their products without a well-established marketing team knowing how to execute the marketing plan correctly. Many individuals do not understand the importance of marketing and how it affects the company culturally and financially. There is always something that needs to be sold or presented to a customer and that is where marketing comes into play with the power of strategic and creative messaging.

The marketing team analyzes the aspects that go into executing a plan and then transfers those to help sales showcase the product to potential customers. Without a solid marketing presence, companies would not have customers, and without customers buying the product, there is no “company.”  If a product was presented to be sold, the company would not know how to sell the product properly without having a marketing team. 

Sales and marketing also go hand and hand in different ways. Companies sell products with the help of marketing and the strategies they put in place. The way they both work together is moreso of a give and take situation. There are plenty of ways to market a product with a proper marketing plan and a well-trained account executive. The sales team completes just as much work as the marketing team. Being in sales requires you to market yourself, your company, and your product in order to potentially gain a customer. 

In sales, there should always be a close relationship between marketing and selling. They have to work closely with each other in order to achieve the goals of the company. Knowing how to articulate marketing skills into promoting and selling a product is the ultimate goal for sales and marketing. 

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