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Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About How to Successfully Host Hybrid Events

on screen event

Within the past year, having a hybrid or virtual event has slowly started to become the new normal. The thought of having to plan a hybrid event and keep viewers engaged can be challenging at times, but hybrid events can be beneficial as well. 

Let’s define what a “hybrid event” is.  A hybrid event is a virtual event with live and interactive components. The point of a hybrid event is to make it interactive and have engagement from the audience and hosts. Without an emphasis on engagement, that would make the event virtual instead of hybrid. Virtual events just consist of an audience attending an event online. The use of having hybrid events are beneficial and can have an influential and positive impact on the company. 

Engagement from the audience is the number one goal that has to be achieved by the event. Engagement starts with the foundation of the event and having a hybrid event can be more tedious than in person. Figure out the strategy of the event and what you want the audience to gain from the event. Creative content is something that will catch the audience’s attention and what will keep them interested during the event. Having a structured plan to execute the event will be helpful in the planning process. Something else to keep in mind is the logistics of production and the quality of the content. Viewers aren’t going to be interested in a hybrid event consisting of glitches. The planning process is the most important part of a hybrid event. Everything is accounted for when having a hybrid event. The event location matters just as much as finding an adequate technology team to make the event happen. Be sure to always have a backup plan for any hybrid events. Technology is useful but always make sure there are backup plans to hybrid events. 

Incorporating sponsors and partners will benefit the event as well. Having support from other companies will allow room for inputs and ideas that could make the event worthwhile. Sponsors can increase the attendance number of the event by sponsoring a  presentation during the event or incorporating live giveaways during the event to keep the audience engaged. Sponsorships can also bring in a larger audience. The main goal of hybrid events is to keep the audience engaged and provide different ways to interact with the audience while being virtual. The help of partnerships and sponsorships will increase the effectiveness of having audience engagement.  

Offer the audience on-demand access to the content provided during the event. Attendees want the privilege of having access to resources they could possibly use at the time of their need. This allows the audience to go back and watch sessions that they missed during the event. Having on-demand access benefits your sponsors as well and allows the event to be memorable by attendees. The audience has the ability to see more information about the sponsor and the event. 

Hybrid events are made to be interactive, have in-person and virtual attendees, and provide resources and tools for the audience to use. Having a solid plan of how the event is going to be executed will allow the event to run smoothly. Having hybrid events can be beneficial to audiences who would rather like to watch an event rather than be in person. Executing a hybrid event is something that can be done and bring attention to your company and the people involved. When having a hybrid event think of these elements. Have a goal you want to achieve, create a solid plan, and make sure the event is attractive to potential attendees.