Powerful business cases drive close rates.

Transform prospects into internal champions with compelling value projections using ValueCloud® Business Case Builder. With ValueCloud, what used to be a time-consuming, difficult undertaking becomes a quick and easy, self-service effort. Now your sales team can collaborate directly with their buyers to develop business cases that highlight strategic outcomes. It’s a powerful way to put your team in control of creating true co-selling champions.

Build high-quality business cases.

A collaborative experience that leads to wins.

Work directly with clients to build evidence-based business cases and stronger relationships. Let customers take the lead by giving them an opportunity to personalize value inputs. With early involvement, it’s much easier for them to seek buy-in internally. By building interest and engagement with your product while developing the business case, they will have a deeper connection to the results you can deliver.

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All the data needed to close the deal.

Use Business Case Builder to give decision-makers the detailed metrics they need to make an informed decision. Consider including built-in three-year ROI estimates and NPV calculations, project payback timelines, cost delay metrics, and soft cost benefits. With the right metrics, your business cases can address your buyer's strategic goals and provide everything your champion needs to co-sell.

It’s everything they need to comfortably explain benefits, assumptions, and details in a way that exceeds the expectations of C-suite executives, procurement teams, and the board of directors. Plus, with fully configurable outputs, it ensures every case aligns with your brand style.

Scale your value selling efforts.

Are your value engineering resources in high demand? With ValueCloud Business Case Builder, you have the flexibility to extend business cases beyond the top 10-20% of prospects for increased close rates and expanded sales opportunities. When more of your team has access to value metrics, you have the power to scale this proven strategy and integrate it into every interaction across the customer journey.

Make value communication key to your differentiation. ValueCloud helps customers increase deal velocity by 20-30%, decrease discounting by 10 to 15%, and achieve 2-3X better win rates. The advantages add up quickly.

Reliable, real-world benefits.
Customers report a 15%+ improvement in conversions—making a significant impact on close rates*:
  • Company: $.5B/year in annual revenue
  • Net Profit Margin: 30%
  • Shares Outstanding: 195M
  • Topline from net new business: 30%
  • Average Sale Price (ASP): $250K
  • Sirius Decisions typical SQL to win conversion rate: 20%
  • Web Value Calculator improvement factor from prior stage: 15%
These results particularly impact early funnel conversion rates. ValueCloud also affects discounting, deal velocity, size, and conversion rate improvement. Together these results improve top-and bottom-line outcomes.

Actual customer statistics from companies including CrowdStrike, Verint, DocuSign, Planview and more. Explore our case studies to uncover more ways ValueCloud can improve sales effectiveness.

See how ValueCloud® can deliver for you.

Take your customer value strategy to the next level and make value your key differentiator. Unlock a reliable solution with organization-wide impact.