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Aligning your marketing and sales strategy is key to unlocking your business potential. With ValueCloud® Case Study Builder your team can create compelling quantitative and qualitative content. Engage and generate clicks while increasing conversion rates. Whether it’s for presentations or bite-sized content in ads and brochures, Case Study Builder makes it easy to add stats and facts that turn interest into qualified leads.

Inspire conversions with provocative case studies.

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A streamlined approach to sharing your success.

ValueCloud Case Study Builder automates content creation with a templated approach that shows off your value data. Case studies can be managed from your core CMS and regularly updated through a ValueCloud connector. As your customers realize more and more value, you can automatically update case studies and calculators to reflect the most recent results.

Expand the impact of your value data.

ValueCloud Case Study Builder gives you the power to create more impressions, foster more engagement, and inspire more action for better conversions. From creating traditional case studies and calculators to developing bite-sized brag bits for pay-per-click, social ads, email campaigns, signage, brochures, sales enablement assets and more, you have the flexibility to use your value data in more ways.

We’ve made it easy to integrate Case Study Builder with any CMS system to create experience- and data-driven case materials. Once installed, you can unlock real-time value information for social tiles, testimonials and more by using it with the Value Realization Tracker.

[The DecisionLink] platform is user-friendly and our sellers can quickly leverage the tools without a lot of training. Plus, the reports and graphs produced by the software are easy for sellers to understand and discuss with prospects.

President of Global Sales and Field Operations

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Showcase your success.
Your way.

Ensure all of your value-based marketing materials are tailored to your brand guidelines. From fonts and colors to imagery and icons, every asset is automatically aligned with your look and feel. Plus, the intuitive user interface makes content creation quick and easy.

Winning with the
right stats.
Take advantage of 12.5% or greater conversion rates by leveraging ValueCloud Smart Web Calculator to turn inquiries into marketing qualified leads*:
  • Company: $.5B/year in annual revenue
  • Net Profit Margin: 30%
  • Shares Outstanding: 195M
  • Topline from net new business: 30%
  • Average Sale Price (ASP): $250K
  • SiriusDecisions typical raw lead to MQL conversion rate: 4.42%
  • Web Value Calculator Improvement Factor at this stage: 12.5%
This result represents an impact to one metric in the very early funnel stages - conversion towards an opportunity. ValueCloud affects other metrics in the sales cycle: discounting, deal acceleration, deal size, and conversion rate improvement. Combined these all create a top-line and bottom-line impact.
Actual customer statistics from companies including CrowdStrike, Verint, DocuSign, Planview and more. Explore our case studies to uncover more ways ValueCloud can improve sales effectiveness.


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