Closing Deals Requires 3 Wins

Sales experts will tell you it takes at least 3 “wins” to close a deal…and they are right. Your organization has to win confidence on multiple fronts before a buyer will feel secure in their purchase. Let’s take a look at a few core areas where you need to win and how you can leverage a single platform, ValueCloud®, to capture opportunity across the entire customer value life-cycle.

It starts with answering three questions swirling in your buyers head.


1. Why Buy From You– Compared to similar competitor offerings

You’ll need to be able to differentiate your product or service from the others in the marketplace, giving them a comprehensive layout of the unique attributes offered. You will need to have strategic value points with your positioning compared to alternative options.


2. Why Spend Here – Compared to internal budget allotted elsewhere

This is perhaps the most crucial question to answer. Organizations are usually being asked for resources from virtually every department that believes their initiative is more deserving. The only factor separating who actually gets the budget approved is the demonstrated value of the selected solution.


3. Why Purchase Now – Sense of urgency, the scope of immediate impact

Smart decision-makers will always look to poke holes in any solution to make sure that is truly going to provide the intended result. The biggest challenge for many selling organizations is articulating the value of their solutions, and better yet, the opportunity cost of doing nothing.


Effectively answering each of these questions is a complex animal, traditionally requiring a team of business analysts to produce value hypotheses, business cases and much more. As seasoned sales professionals, we wanted to simplify the process for sellers and give confidence to buyers through an Enterprise Platform for Value Selling Automation, Value Cloud®.

The ValueCloud® platform is rapidly changing the world of sales enablement and giving selling organizations the ability to capitalize on opportunities across the customer value life-cycle.  

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