ValueCloud® makes sure your differentiation remains different.

In the massively expanding, and disrupted world of virtualized services, Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services providers (CIPS) must stand out from their competition. ValueCloud demonstrates how you are different by delivering material business value and business outcomes to your customers and prospects every day.

5 key reasons to implement ValueCloud now:


 Improved Top of Funnel Performance by 12.5% 


 Experienced 11-18% Reduction in Discounting Levels 


 Improved Win Rates by 


 Enjoyed 96% Customer Retention Rates


Net Recurring Revenue Rates Realized

The problem cloud service providers face

According to the September 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant on CIPS, there are a small handful of very big tech players in the $150 billion market and the margin of differentiation between these behemoths is small and closing in fast, and the list of “all do X features” in the Gartner MQ for CIPS is very long. 

Based on the Gartner market analysis, your company runs the risk of sounding “me-too-ish” and heading into major headwinds regarding your positioning. Differentiating on price may be the only place to go, which hurts profitability and sets a bad precedent, particularly at renewal. Given every player’s access to capital, every organization has the means to catch up with your company in terms of features and functions. Competition in the market is high, as everyone is going to take a shot at your base with tactics like competitive replacement proposals. 

ValueCloud from DecisionLink can help CIPS organizations elevate their conversations through value-based engagement to create the ultimate differentiation, helping you drive engagement all the way through the customer lifecycle to ensure customer retention and customer expansion. 


Our point of view:

People and Value will help you Win AND Retain 

Cloud Service Providers can’t win this race on features and functions alone. All players have basic cloud IaaS — compute, storage, and networking resources as a service. Everyone also offers additional value-added capabilities, notably cloud software infrastructure services – typically middleware and databases as a service – including PaaS capabilities. All the providers claim to have high-security standards and comply with the gambit of regulatory controls. All have analytics, everyone has edge capabilities, all have monthly computed availability service-level agreements (SLAs) of 99.95% and higher, and more and more providers offer optional disaster recovery solutions. Many offer software marketplaces and enterprise-class support with 24/7 customer service. All providers will sign contracts with customers, can invoice, and can consolidate bills from multiple accounts. And the list goes on and on. You get the picture.

We guarantee that your differentiation will come from your people and their ability to automatically establish and communicate business value at any stage of the customer journey.  We believe that this is what is going to set you apart and give you the ultimate differentiation.


Customer Success

CrowdStrike has always seen value as a guiding principle in its selling approach. To operationalize this focus, the Business Value Team selected ValueCloud as an essential tool to help the sales team highlight value and rapidly grow the business. “We had to transform and reinvent ourselves quickly, and raise our game by providing credible Business Value Assessments to drive a brand new type of relationship with our customers,” said Mike Carpenter.


  • $189 Million in revenue influenced by Business Value Assessments (BVA)
  • ~900 wins with a BVA
  • By leveraging ValueCloud in customer success with Business Value Realizations (BVR), Crowdstrike has seen more (and higher) customer engagement than ever before
  • Use BVR to help upsell and expand through the adoption of new modules and capabilities and capabilities that align with the customers’ business strategy

Our Solution:

ValueCloud is the world’s first and only Enterprise-Class, SOC 2 Type II Compliant, self-service, Customer Value Management Platform. It turns customer value into a strategic asset for your organization by helping your team elevate conversations from one around features and functions into business value conversations. 

By leveraging quantified value metrics throughout marketing, the sales cycle, post-sale implementation, and through the ongoing customer journey, cloud service providers can stand out from their increasing competition with unique, quantified, differentiation, and sustainable and profitable growth.

Customer Value Management is the cornerstone of CrowdStrike’s engagement with our prospects and customers. We believe great customer engagements start with our ability to establish and communicate our value proposition, and ValueCloud has enabled us to do so at scale and has helped us to establish customers for life.

George Kurtz
President, CEO, and Co-Founder,


Why Us? 

ValueCloud has a track record, it’s digital, it has pre-built cloud value models, and so much more. 

In just three years, ValueCloud has delivered 70,000+ business value assessments and on-demand value achievement documents into the hands of thousands of sellers, marketers, and customer success teams. Every one of these business cases was developed in a safe, secure way in our SOC-2/Type II compliant platform. 

Any one of these things can deliver a significant impact on profitability and enjoying them all together can deliver exponential growth and profitable growth. 

That’s what CrowdStrike did, realizing $189M in net new revenue because of their ValueCloud powered sales team and $40M in renewal “saves” by their customer success group, as well as $11M in cross-sell/up-sell.


Why Now?

Your potential is bigger than all of these other examples combined, according to our value analysis of your company. Let’s find out if DecisionLink and ValueCloud can help empower your organization to be the ultimate differentiator in the market. 

The Impact of Value for a Similar Cloud Company:


Value / 3 year term


Net Present Value /
3 Year Term


Cost of Delay
(3 Months)

3 MO

Payback Period 


Value Impact Sales

3 years — $110M 
5% Close Rate Improvement 
2 week faster sales cycle 
10% decrease discounting 
3% improvement in MQL to SQL conversion 

Value Impact Customer Care

3 Years — $28M 
5% Decrease Customer Churn 
7.5% Increase Value of Renewal Revenue 

These numbers are based on: 300 salespeople | 2500
subscription customers.

See how ValueCloud® can deliver for you.

Take your customer value strategy to the next level and make value your key differentiator. Unlock a reliable solution with organization-wide impact.