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DecisionLink, founded in 2011 and based in Atlanta, GA, is the leader in customer value management and creator of the world’s first enterprise-class customer value management system- DecisionLink ValueCloud®.  DecisionLink was founded by Jim Berryhill, former sales leader for HP, Siebel Systems, and CA, and John Porter, who has held numerous leadership roles in product management, sales, and customer success serving a multitude of organizations around the globe.

DecisionLink views customer value as the missing link and next logical evolution in Customer Relationship Management because true customer relationships are entirely dependent on Value. Yet there’s nothing in CRM or any business system that enables customer value management. DecisionLink’s team believes that any business looking to shift to higher-value/higher-margin business models must manage customer value as a strategic asset to ensure competitive differentiation, elevate conversations, achieve trusted advisor status, and ultimately accelerate business results.

The DecisionLink pioneers built the ValueCloud®, which is the world’s first enterprise-class platform and set of applications for Customer Value Management (CVM). ValueCloud® enhances key metrics across the business, including campaign conversions and attach rates for marketing; close rates, discount levels and deal velocity for sales, reduction in customer churn and renewal discounts for the customer care team, while increasing opportunities for cross-sell/up-sell and growing share of wallet all around. Even product managers benefit from the ValueCloud with insights that help hone pricing and positioning efforts during the new product introduction phase.

Overall, the companies that incorporate DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® and customer value management discipline across every part of the customer lifecycle will achieve excellence all around including stronger customer relationships, which in turn will improve Earnings per Share and Corporate Valuations.

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