DecisionLink, founded in 2011 and based in Atlanta, GA, is the leader in customer value management and creator of the world’s first enterprise-class customer value management system- DecisionLink ValueCloud®.  DecisionLink was founded by Jim Berryhill, former sales leader for HP, Siebel Systems and CA and John Porter, who has held numerous leadership roles in product management, sales and customer success serving a multitude of organizations around the globe.

DecisionLink views customer value as the missing link and next logical evolution in Customer Relationship Management because true customer relationships are entirely dependent on Value. Yet there’s nothing in CRM or any business system that enables customer value management. DecisionLink’s team believes that any business looking to shift to higher value/higher margin business models must manage customer value as a strategic asset to ensure competitive differentiation, elevate conversations, achieve trusted advisor status, and ultimately accelerate business results.

The DecisionLink pioneers built the ValueCloud®, which is the world’s first enterprise-class platform and set of applications for Customer Value Management (CVM). ValueCloud® enhances key metrics across the business, including campaign conversions and attach rates for marketing; close rates, discount levels and deal velocity for sales, reduction in customer churn and renewal discounts for the customer care team, while increasing opportunities for cross-sell/up-sell and growing share of wallet all around. Even product managers benefit from the ValueCloud with insights that help hone pricing and positioning efforts during the new product introduction phase.

Overall, the companies that incorporate DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® and customer value management discipline across every part of the customer lifecycle will achieve excellence all around including stronger customer relationships, which in turn will improve Earnings per Share and Corporate Valuations.


DecisionLink’s ValueCloud®

The Value Management Engine turns customer value into a strategic asset while the ValueCloud® provides the repository and architecture to store and process important customer value data, translating it into valuable insights and ultimately assets that can be shared and leveraged across the enterprise by product managers, marketers, sales people, value engineers, professional services teams and customer success/renewal teams. DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® is an all-encompassing solution including the following applications:

Value Management Engine

Turns customer value, into a strategic asset.

Value Hypothesis Builder

A self-service tool that quickly helps salespeople create a customer value hypothesis via the knowledge they already possess to create compelling assets with no experts required.

Business Case Builder

Facilitates customer collaboration for taking the customer value hypothesis and turning it into a defendable, competitively differentiated business case.

Value Realization Tracker

Tracks and helps to communicate the value your customers achieve reducing churn and discounting while securing cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

Case Study Builder

Develops powerful, definitive and meaningful customer value case study content.

The DecisionLink ValueCloud® Offers

  • Full Responsiveness: Any connected device supported: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc.
  • Full Localization: Any language, currency, and number format both UI and Content/Assets.
  • CRM Integration: Sales Cloud, Microsoft CRM Dynamics and more.
  • SSO Integration: SAML 2.0, VMware Workspace One, Okta
  • Data Integration: Universal Data Approach with standard integration to Dunn and Bradstreet.
  • Logging & Reporting: Full analytics, logging and auditing for administrators and users.
  • Dynamic Content Assets: Dynamically create fully branded MS Office or PDF assets.
  • Sharing: Share solutions with partners. Share positions, props and realizations with customers.
  • Cloning: Clone solutions, positions, props and realizations to support unlimited scenarios.
  • Best Practice Libraries: Solution Models, Content/Assets, Templates, etc.

Customer Success

DecisionLink customers include many leading companies in the high tech, fin-tech, security , mar-tech and industrial automation spaces. DecisionLink’s customers include: Adobe, Caterpillar, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Marketo and VMware.

“World-class organizations have ‘value quantification teams’ for $1M+++ opportunities. DecisionLink Value Selling Automation delivers the scalability and usability so we can achieve value quantification for any size deal and early in the sales cycle so we can establish competitive differentiation and preference. The DecisionLink guys say ‘every deal has a business case’. They are right, and they make it so for their customers.”
Mike Maxey
Senior Director of Worldwide Sales, VMWare
“We invested in the best of the best…Salesforce, The Challenger Sale methodology, messaging from Corporate Visions and more. DecisionLink tied it all together and made it work. Nothing we invested in is more valuable than DecisionLink.”
Cliff Elam
Senior Director of Value Selling, ACI Worldwide
“In Q4, our first full quarter of usage, we saw deals with a DecisionLink Value Proposition closed at a 25% higher rate than those without.”
Kristina Scontras
Director of Sales Operations, Amadeus
“We were trailing incumbents competitors as a global financial services company. DecisionLink engaged and helped us articulate the business outcomes and economic value proposition of our solutions for one of their strategic opportunities. We quickly moved to the leader position, and the financial services company asked us to bring DecisionLink back to help with several other of their opportunities. Our CEO observed that ‘business outcomes with numbers make the conversation more interesting!’. Thanks DecisionLink.”
Business Line Executive, Financial Services Company
“The DecisionLink team finally helped us connect the dots between Challenger Selling and our sales approach. With DecisionLink, my commercial teams are now able to carry on a “commercial teaching” conversation in ways they were unable to in the past. DecisionLink frames the conversation in the language of the customer (vs. what we had done previously, which was framing it on our industry/ business terms). We now have prospects who say: “No one else has shown me this before. This is EXACTLY what I need to convince my leadership we should consider making a change”. As many know, the enemy in most B-to-B selling these days is fear of change. If there is not enough differentiated value, companies stay with what they have. We are overcoming that fear now. We couldn’t be more excited about finding the DecisionLink team.”
Director of Marketing, Travel Services Company
“We had significant previous experience in value selling and business value consulting from one of the world’s pre-eminent technology companies, and understood the benefits. But we wanted a ‘game-changer’ for our Business Value function because traditional methods were too slow, too expensive and lacked scalability. We engaged DecisionLink and were presenting our value propositions to key customers in less than a week. Our solutions were fully modeled in a month and every sales rep had value props for key opportunities in 90 days. DecisionLink has changed the Business Value Consulting game in ways we never thought possible.”
Director, Sales Effectiveness & Enablement, Learning Management Company
“We presented our business case built with DecisionLink to the CFO for one of our major prospects. He said, “This is the best, most convincing business case any vendor has ever presented to me.’ We are moving forward, thanks DecisionLink.”
EVP Sales, SaaS technology provider
“The DecisionLink guys asked us, ‘Would your CFO approve funding for the proposals you make to your customers and prospects?’ That’s a hard question and we didn’t like our answer. Thanks to DecisionLink, we now produce business case content quickly and easily for our proposals, helping our customer and prospect champions justify our solutions. A big step, thanks to DecisionLink.”
SVP Sales, SaaS application provider

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