Living & Working in the New Normal - #Covid19

How DecisionLink is Helping the Community and Businesses

Helping the Community: To support our community during this time of health and economic crisis-DecisionLink has pledged 2.5% of revenue over the next 120 days to Atlanta-based nonprofits, including Good Samaritan Health Center and Desire Street Ministries to support their work serving the city’s poor and homeless affected by COVID-19. The company’s founders, management, employees, directors, and shareholders have pledged to augment this donation by doubling the company’s total contribution amount. In this time of uncertainty, we seek to follow Jesus’ words when He said, “I tell you the truth, just as you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it for me.”  

Helping Businesses: The effects and response to COVID-19 are unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetime, as a result we are witnessing a NEW NORMAL emerge in terms of how we work and engage with our customers. Today, a digitally enabled Value Management approach will be critical in supporting the NEW NORMAL of sales, marketing and customer success. To help alleviate this pressure, DecisionLink has launched a program designed to facilitate an organization’s transition to Value Management -- The DecisionLink Guarantee.

The DecisionLink Guarantee pledges a complete reimbursement of first year subscription fees to new ValueCloud® subscribers if they do not achieve objective goals, a 35% credit of first year subscription fees to implementation and onboarding services and defers 50% of the initial order payment for 120 days.

To learn more, visit  The DecisionLink Guarantee or email

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