November 14, 2019

DecisionLink Raises Investment to Advance the World’s First Customer Value Management Platform

DecisionLink Founders will Demonstrate ValueCloud® During Week of Dreamforce

  • New Investors Include Accel and Sales Leader, Joe Sexton
  • Industry analyst Gartner agrees Customer Value Management (CVM) is a strategic practice for enterprise companies
  • DocuSign Value Leader identifies strategic importance of Customer Value Management

ATLANTA & SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The powerful momentum of the DecisionLink ValueCloud®, the world’s first customer value management (CVM) platform, continues on its trajectory and has now attracted new investment dollars. As more businesses adopt DecisionLink’s ValueCloud®, the company has now completed a SAFE round of investment dollars. Accel led the round with participation from Joe Sexton, a former executive sales leader for CA, Mercury, McAfee and AppDynamics and existing DecisionLink investors. The investment dollars will be used to support sales, marketing and increased R & D efforts.

Jim Berryhill, CEO, and John Porter, CTO, Co-Founders for DecisionLink, will be at the upcoming Salesforce Dreamforce event taking place in San Francisco, November 19 – 22. They will be demonstrating the DecisionLink ValueCloud® to customers, prospects, partners and the media.

“Positive outcomes happen when sellers produce 'business value assessments' for their prospects and customers,” explained Jim Berryhill, CEO for DecisionLink. “Business value assessments create key metrics that elevate conversations all the way up to the executive suite and boardroom. Accordingly, leading companies invest significant resources to enable value conversations, but typically stall when they can’t scale the practice and/or based on the absence of an application platform for value management. ValueCloud® is that platform and is being used by our customers including ServiceNow, DocuSign, CrowdStrike, PagerDuty, Marketo and more.”

"Software that can speed up and streamline the enterprise selling cycle is more critical than ever,” said Sameer Gandhi, Partner at Accel. “We look forward to partnering with DecisionLink as it builds out an important new category within B2B cloud software.”

“ValueCloud® is a breakthrough technology. DocuSign sales professionals are able to create a compelling and personalized value hypothesis for any account in a matter of minutes,” according to Ran Haimoff, Director of Strategic Sales Programs at DocuSign. “This is a core competency for high performance go to market. ValueCloud® is the logical evolution of any CRM, extending it from a system of record into a system that helps customers understand the value they can expect.”

Leading industry analysts are also aligned with the significance of the previously unmet need for treating customer value as a strategic asset and implementing customer value management (CVM) as a strategic practice for gaining and retaining more customers.

According to Gartner, “To improve go-to-market effectiveness, technology business unit leaders should:

  • Lead with business case outcomes within marketing content and direct sales at all stages of the sales cycle to support consensus building, reduce revisions and facilitate approvals.
  • Focus sales and marketing efforts at the stakeholders who can drive consensus within a large buying team, whom the Challenger Sales Model calls 'mobilizers.'
  • Assist buyer decision making by providing 'prescriptive' content and guidance with clear recommendations for all stages in the buying cycle.” 1

Gartner: “Tech Go-to-Market: Why Tech Sales Cycles Are Taking So Long and What Needs to Be Done Now,” by Michele Buckley, Senior Director Analyst for Gartner, June 4, 2018

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DecisionLink’s primary solution offering is referred to as the ValueCloud® platform. The ValueCloud® is an enterprise-class, Customer Value Management (CVM) platform, including a set of applications and sales tools that help you create, store and leverage customer value assets which give your teams the ultimate differentiator: value-based conversations. The ValueCloud® enhances the value of CRM systems by providing the missing link to elevating conversations and shifting relationships from tactical to strategic by providing value insights from initial sales call all the way through to contract renewals. DecisionLink is trusted by top enterprise businesses including Adobe, Caterpillar, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Marketo, ServiceNow and more. For more information, please visit, call 800.670.8301 or engage with us on social media at or

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