ValueCloud® enables DocuSign to deploy and scale customer value management.

Value Realization Report: DocuSign

73% win rate improvement from leveraging ValueCloud 

DocuSign set about looking for a more “robust and scalable solution” that could help them deliver Customer Value Management across the enterprise. They had been leveraging a benchmark database, but there were a lot of limitations to speed, scale, and success, data mining was manual and the customer data itself was hard to maintain as well.

By choosing ValueCloud, DocuSign was able to make updates to reflect and enable their own go-to-market plans. DocuSign had made the strategic decision to sell by use cases and not a by-product, which required a radical change in their entire marketing and sales enablement process and would need to be underpinned with Customer Value Management that was fast to deploy, easy to use, and able to scale at speed.

We chose the right tool, but it’s not just the tool, we chose the right partner. DecisionLink has been a fantastic partner, willing to innovate with us, very attuned to our needs, and with a great vision for where they want to take this product and capability.

Head of Customer Value Management

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Company Profile
  • Industry: Electronic Agreements 
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Number of Employees: 3,900+

Key Benefits

  • 73% uplift in new account close rates
  • A modest increase in upselling
  • Salesforce integration
  • Ability to scale and automate processes
  • Customer value management delivered autonomously by sales professionals