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Driving Value: Your Morning Commute

Join our CEO, Tim Page, in this series of podcasts as we get ideas from people who share the same goal: providing value for their customers. Value management is key for any business looking to be successful. By understanding what customers need and want, businesses can provide the services and products that will make them happy. Leaders across organizations who get this are the ones we highlight here. 

Recent Episode:

More episodes to come


Episode #1: Chris Dowse

Chris Dowse is a Vice President of Customer Outcomes at SmartSheet, he has been a game changer in the value management space for quite some time. Chris is responsible for enabling customers to drive maximum value from their use of SmartSheet. In his role, Chris leads a team of customer success managers who are focused on helping customers achieve their desired outcomes.

Chris has a deep understanding of Value Management and has helped many organizations to improve their Value Management processes. Chris will be sharing his insights on Value Management with us today. I’m really excited to have him join me for our very first episode of Driving Value.