Success and Value Come Together at Gainsight Pulse. Join Us.

Gainsight is the Customer Success Event of the Season. Let’s Go! The Gainsight Pulse event is coming up June 9-11. It’s virtual and sure to be jam-packed with great insights, perspectives, and trends about customer success. DecisionLink is looking forward to participating in the event (and making some exciting announcements). We’ll be bringing Customer Value ... Read More

Why Customer Value Management Solidifies Customer Retention and Ensures Upsell

In today's SaaS economy, contracts are up for evaluation every year as a part of their renewal cycle.  While 100% renewal rates used to be viewed as success, SaaS executives know that is no longer enough, as industry leaders are recognizing 120-130% Net Retention Rates.  In this session you'll learn: How can customer success organizations break ... Read More