ValueCloud® for Customer Success

Value Realized. Growth Achieved.

This is among the best customer success tools available on the market now and provides VPs of Customer Success and SVPs of Customer Success with the visibility they need to ensure the promises made in the sales cycle are achieved and essentially kept through treating customer value as a strategic asset. This ensures product adoption and moreover helps the customer success leader to provide powerful proof points at the ideal time, to ensure renewals are fully realized and churn is mitigated. Additionally, this solution helps the customer success professional develop compelling case studies with customer value metrics, to support the customer success marketing team at the right time.

This solution includes the ideal customer success management software tools for customer success leaders desiring to help their customers become happy superstars through clear and compelling value achievement. ValueCloud® for Customer Success helps Customer Success leaders guide customers to optimal adoption and consumption of a company’s products and/or services.

ValueCloud® for Customer Success empowers customer success leaders with new customer success tools that, when used as part of a customer value management practice, achieve high renewal rates, return rates, and net promoter scores.  As everyone knows, customer success professionals are highly influential for renewing and retaining the company’s prized and valued customers. The best customer success leaders deserve the best customer success tools and ValueCloud® for Customer Success gives them what they need in a great package.

This Solution is Comprised of 4 Products

Check out ValueCloud® for Customer Success™ today and find out how easy it is to use this advanced solution for overcoming the hurdles of poor adoption of solutions and weak proof of value achievement.

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Business Case Builder

As you engage customers, it is important to transfer ownership of a business case from you as the seller, to them as the buyer. ...

Value Achievement Tracker

95% of a customer's life is as a customer not as a prospect and it is more important than ever to protect your renewal stream, ...

Case Study Builder

How often are case studies created effectively within your organization? To turbocharge this process while adding consistency and  ...

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System Design Features

  • Full Responsiveness: Any connected device supported: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc.
  • Full Localization: Any language, currency, and number format both UI and Content/Assets.
  • CRM Integration: Sales Cloud, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and more.
  • SSO Integration: SAML 2.0, VMware Workspace One, Okta
  • Data Integration: Universal Data Approach with standard integration to Dunn and Bradstreet.
  • Logging & Reporting: Full analytics, logging, and auditing for administrators and users.
  • Dynamic Content Assets: Dynamically create fully branded MS Office or PDF assets.
  • Sharing: Share solutions with partners. Share positions, props, and realizations with customers.
  • Cloning: Clone solutions, positions, props, and realizations to support unlimited scenarios.
  • Best Practice Libraries: Solution Models, Content/Assets, Templates, etc.

Business Case Builder

Smart Web Calculator

Value Management Engine

Value Hypothesis Builder

Case Study Builder

Value Achievement Tracker

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