ValueCloud® for Marketers™

Value Established. Growth Acquired.

This solution has been designed to help marketing, product marketing, and product management leaders advance their strategies and tactics for leveraging customer value as a strategic asset and customer value management as a strategic practice. ValueCloud® for Marketers provides the power of value-based messaging for better customer case studies and effective product promotion. This solution is essential as part of a value-added marketing strategy that truly offers formidable competitive differentiation for content, case studies, sales enablement resources and, in some cases, branding and communications. ValueCloud® for Marketers™ provides value-based insights to develop compelling content, webpages, brochures, ads, and other important collateral. ValueCloud® for Marketers™ allows marketing leaders and teams to automatically generate case studies with quantified value proof points, to ensure case studies are credible.

This Solution is Comprised of 2 Products

This new solution includes major enhancements that simplify and expedite the process of value-added marketing and sales for stellar results. The addition of customer value metrics across all of your marketing channels will undoubtedly increase attention, interest, desire and compel customers and prospects to act and engage with your company.

Do you want to achieve the following goals?

  • Value achievement insights
  • Ability to create and share value-based content
  • Higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
  • Outstanding customer experience
  • High-quality leads
  • Expanded awareness and reach

ValueCloud® for Marketers can help you overcome the challenges of fluff messaging, low differentiation, low demand, and poorly articulated customer case studies. This new customer value management (CVM) application provides the means for marketing leaders and teams to quickly generate value statements and evidence without guesswork or unsubstantiated anecdotes.

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Value Hypothesis Builder

ValueCloud's Hypothesis Builder allows a sales person, or anyone in your organization for that matter, ...

Case Study Builder

How often are case studies created effectively within your organization? To turbocharge this process while adding consistency and  ...


System Design Features

  • Full Responsiveness: Any connected device supported: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc.
  • Full Localization: Any language, currency, and number format both UI and Content/Assets.
  • CRM Integration: Sales Cloud, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and more.
  • SSO Integration: SAML 2.0, VMware Workspace One, Okta
  • Data Integration: Universal Data Approach with standard integration to Dunn and Bradstreet.
  • Logging & Reporting: Full analytics, logging, and auditing for administrators and users.
  • Dynamic Content Assets: Dynamically create fully branded MS Office or PDF assets.
  • Sharing: Share solutions with partners. Share positions, props, and realizations with customers.
  • Cloning: Clone solutions, positions, props, and realizations to support unlimited scenarios.
  • Best Practice Libraries: Solution Models, Content/Assets, Templates, etc.

Business Case Builder

Web Calculator

Value Management Engine

Value Hypothesis Builder

Case Study Builder

Value Realization Tracker


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