ValueCloud® for Sales

Value Established. Growth Achieved.

This solution for sales leaders scales value selling and provides the sales tools to improve sales effectiveness and create more quota achievers by helping sales teams clarify the economic value of your solutions in a scalable, fast and easy way. The solution helps reduce discount levels, improve win rates, accelerate deal velocity and increase deal size. Best of all, these sales tools help differentiate your company from your competitors and elevate conversations to the C suite.

This Solution is Comprised of 2 Products

This new solution includes major enhancements that simplify a value-based conversation between sales and their customers. It is useful during an initial sales call (top-of-funnel discussion), to create interest and engagement, and/or during the business case development stage (mid-funnel) to solidify an opportunity. The ValueCloud® for Sales provides an intelligent user interface (UI) that facilitates sales and customers through a value-based conversation with guidance on financial elements like ROI, payback period, NPV and cost of delay.

Do you want to achieve the following goals?

  • Growth of topline revenue across all channels
  • Share of Wallet expansion
  • Upsell-Cross-sell
  • Sales productivity
  • Improved win rates,
  • Greater sales velocity
  • Larger deal size
  • Pipeline growth

The ValueCloud® for Sales is designed with sales leaders and exceptional sales professionals in mind. The solution surpasses everything else among the new sales tools and methodologies for helping sales professionals achieve unparalleled success for closing more deals faster, while engaging and retaining customers and prospects. The savvy sales professionals of today are looking for new sales tools that treat customer value as a strategic asset and customer value management as a strategic business practice. The ValueCloud® for Sales is a truly remarkable solution for overcoming the challenges regarding discounting levels, long competitive feature/function wars and poor relationship statuses.

The ValueCloud® for Sales is a ground-breaking customer value-centric solution is the pinnacle of high performance for sales representatives and account managers for engaging prospects with specificity regarding the business value and outcomes to be achieved with the seller’s products, services and solutions. In five clicks or less, a sales professional can engage in higher level, business value-based conversations with their prospects and customers, as early as the first call.

From the beginning of a customer’s journey with your company, customers will experience a sense that they are valued as not only a customer, but as a partner with your company in success all around. At every touchpoint along their interactions with various representatives of your company, they will be continuously made aware of truly how important your relationship is together as a team. This is a higher-level strategy that DecisionLink and the ValueCloud® for Sales help you to accomplish so that customers can regularly see firsthand why they want to continue evolving with your company at every stage along their customer lifetime. DecisionLink provides a unique, high level technology solution together with support about the best ways and best practices for achieving customer value management across the board.

Please consider allowing DecisionLink to provide you with a free customer value assessment. We will help get you on your way to achieving all of the success you and your value customers deserve!

Value Hypothesis Builder

ValueCloud's Hypothesis Builder allows a sales person, or anyone in your organization for that matter, ...

Business Case Builder

As you engage customers, it is important to transfer ownership of a business case from you as the seller, to them as the buyer. ...

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System Design Features

  • Full Responsiveness: Any connected device supported: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc.
  • Full Localization: Any language, currency, and number format both UI and Content/Assets.
  • CRM Integration: Sales Cloud, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and more.
  • SSO Integration: SAML 2.0, VMware Workspace One, Okta
  • Data Integration: Universal Data Approach with standard integration to Dunn and Bradstreet.
  • Logging & Reporting: Full analytics, logging, and auditing for administrators and users.
  • Dynamic Content Assets: Dynamically create fully branded MS Office or PDF assets.
  • Sharing: Share solutions with partners. Share positions, props, and realizations with customers.
  • Cloning: Clone solutions, positions, props, and realizations to support unlimited scenarios.
  • Best Practice Libraries: Solution Models, Content/Assets, Templates, etc.

Business Case Builder

Smart Web Calculator

Value Management Engine

Value Hypothesis Builder

Case Study Builder

Value Achievement Tracker

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