High-Performance Reps Sell Value, Not Features

There’s an age-old debate in the sales world, do buyers respond to pain or opportunity more? Is it the pain point or problem or is it the potential opportunity for improvement that motivates action? It’s probably a mix of both, but either side starts on the opposite spectrum of their approach…

Solution Selling

It’s a common human reaction to take offense if someone tells us that we have a problem when we aren’t aware of it. This is exactly where the selling strategy is key. Traditionally, many salesmen took the problem-solution approach to engaging prospect…

“Here’s your problem, check out this game-changing solution”.

This manufactures a level of resistance from buyers because you are telling them (a professional) that the way they’ve done things is incorrect and requesting payment to fix it. While this isn’t entirely wrong, it’s a tough sell in the modern market today.


Because unlike a doctor prescribing a solution to the problem, a buyer has ample opportunities to self-assess and ascertain their own opinion on what’s best.

Opportunity Selling

On the other side of the debate is selling opportunity. This approach aims to inform buyers of the potential “Opportunity” improved performance given the situation…

“You’re doing great, but you could be doing even better.”

You can already see which of the two options would tend to be received easier by buyers. Everyone wants to be told that they are doing well, but they also want to know “how can I do better?”.

Value Selling

Value Selling is the best of both worlds. It provides a justification for both the pain points and for growth opportunity in real value terms specific to the business case.

So why doesn’t employ value selling?

Well, the truth is that most companies try to implement value selling into their strategy, but it normally falls short of the mark. This is mainly due to it being very expensive to execute. In order to build a business case, an enterprise would have to house several Business Analysts.

Not only are they extremely expensive, but also extremely limited in their bandwidth. The amount of time, resources, and data needed to compile a business case are enormous.

After year’s of limitation, DecisionLink has invented a platform to enable Value Selling Automation® across the entire buyer lifecycle. From the moment you engage a prospect to the moment you upsell a current customer, ValueCloud® fuels your value selling strategy.

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Patrick McRae

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