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Value Realization Report: iCIMS

"These results just blew our minds" - Karen Heatwole, VP Value Advisor

The iCIMS Talent Cloud is the leading all-in-one enterprise talent acquisition
platform that helps organizations of all sizes and all industries attract, engage, hire, and advance top talent.

iCIMS had already adopted a value selling methodology with training, enablement, and certification for its sellers, globally. However, they realized in order to tackle their challenges, like low conversion rates between stages in their sales cycle, they needed a platform to support their value selling efforts. With ValueCloud, iCIMS has been able to build a comprehensive value model and achieve higher conversion rates, deal sizes, and win rates that are through the roof.

Economic Impact:

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Talent is a strategic imperative and boardroom discussion. Leveraging DecisionLink technology, we can drive deeper customer and prospect intimacy, elevate business conversations to what matters most to decision makers, senior executives, and board members, and reinforce a mutual commitment to desired business outcomes.

Chief Revenue Officer

Company Profile
  • Industry: Enterprise Recruiting Software
  • Location: Holmdel, NJ
  • Number of Employees: 1,300
  • Annual Revenue: $320M+
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  • 2.8X higher win rate with a Value Assessment
  • 2.9X higher Average Sales Price when a Value Assessment is delivered
  • Over 83% Sales Rep adoption in the first 4 months