No Better Way To Impact Financial Performance…Sales Effectiveness + Value Selling

No Better Way To Impact Financial Performance…Sales Effectiveness + Value Selling

CSO Insights published a Sales Effectiveness eBook identifying some 30 technologies to consider for companies that want to impact Sales Effectiveness in a meaningful way. They categorized the technologies in four logical groups:

1 –  Find More
2 –  Win More
3 –  Keep and Grow More
4 –  Manage More
Most are well-known and easily recognized disciplines summarized in the following chart:

                                             VALUE SELLING: IMPACT ON SALES EFFECTIVENESS

This is super-relevant for the Executive Suite and 
Board of Directors because there is no more significant way to impact an organization’s financial performance than by improving Sales Effectiveness. And there is no more significant way to impact Sales Effectiveness than by “Value Selling”.  

While this list represents the 30 or so areas of Sales Effectiveness opportunity, the items with a check mark are directly impacted by the ability to consistently Sell Value. More specifically, the ability to Quantify, Articulate, Competitively Differentiate and Defend the value of the seller’s products, solutions and services.

DecisionLink.comIf that is true, then clearly it is an imperative to Sell Value all the time.

One company put it this way, “We invested in the best of the best to enable our sales organization. Salesforce for CRM, Corporate Visions for messaging, Challenger for sales methodology and much more. But it was when we got value selling right that the efforts at sales effectiveness started really bearing fruit. Value Selling is the glue that pulled it all together and made our sales effectiveness efforts really work.”

Over the next several weeks, we will examine many of these technologies and discuss the ramifications and implications of Selling Value on each.


Jim Berryhill
Jim Berryhill
“Every deal we work on is associated with a customer project that has a business case. We should not expect high performance in our sales organizations if we as sellers don’t understand that business case, and the economic value of our solutions.” An ardent believer in customer aligned value selling, Jim founded DecisionLink to bring automation and systemic support to what should be a core business function for all B2B organizations.

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