When businesses use spreadsheets for core functions, they execute poorly. That’s why there are ERP, CRM, HR and other systems, and great companies like Anaplan supplanting spreadsheetbased systems.

On top of poor execution, nobody understands the spreadsheet except the person who wrote it and myriad problems arise due to that alone.

Should you have to understand a program’s code to use it and understand the outputs? Of course not.

Value Selling and ROI are no different. Relying on spreadsheets and spreadsheet-like applications yields poor, even terrible, results. They keep you from executing superb marketing campaigns, high-performance sales execution and effective customer care initiatives.

Spreadsheets keep you from becoming a value-driven company and realizing your potential.

For Value Selling, DecisionLink’s ValueCloud means no spreadsheets.

And like Salesforce, ValueCloud is a “No Software” solution!

What does an Enterprise Value Application look like?

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