Articulate business value to close more and bigger deals.

Value Realization Report: Planview

Economic Impact:

16% Increase in ASP enterprise deals

93% Increase in ASP strategic deals

Planview’s target customers usually have their own way of doing things, and that includes building the business case. But they also operate with their own assumptions about what exactly Planview is selling, which are not necessarily accurate. The need to clearly communicate not just what its solutions do, but what and how value is delivered was crucial to make the business case, and communicating this via traditional, spreadsheet-based tools to various interested audiences or personas was a major challenge.

Planview selected DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® to help its sales teams establish and clarify business value so they could close more deals – and close them at a bigger amount.

ValueCloud changes the conversation for our sales teams. It allows us to move away from prospects asking, ‘Do you have what I need in the product?’ to instead asking, ‘How is it going to impact our organization?’ And that’s where the opportunity to expand the deal comes in.

Vice President of Product Marketing

Company Profile
  • Industry: Global Enterprise Software
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Number of Employees: 1,000 


  • Professional Artifacts That Help Sell (Twice)
    • $57M through ValueCloud business value assessments
    • 10% total reduction in discounting to date
  • Scalable Software
    • 50+ account executives use ValueCloud
    • All outputs used on deals by Planview and its field teams
  • Increasing Closed Deals and Deal Size
    • Planview account executives have been able to double their deal size, on average.