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Boost online engagement
with a calculator for curious minds.

Want to create a more compelling and engaging online experience for prospects on your website? Measurable value is a powerful tool for grabbing attention. With our brandable ValueCloud® Smart Web Calculator, you can make a more compelling first impression with real-time, interactive ROI simulations. Give your prospects a baseline measurement of the value you can deliver and motivate faster sales engagement.

Drive qualified leads with our customizable Smart Web Calculator.


Deliver value right from your website.

Create a unified sales and marketing strategy that leads with value right from the get-go. The ValueCloud Smart Web Calculator stands out by giving your prospects exceptional value-first interactions with your business. Kick off your buyer journey with a cutting-edge calculator that brings value to the top of the funnel. It’s a powerful way to stimulate engagement and meet acquisition targets.

Support any selling situation, no matter the complexity.

A customizable, fully-branded experience. Gated or ungated. Integrated with your sales and marketing tools. All the variables you need. Smart Web Calculator gives you a flexible solution for engaging your prospects with value and motivating them to take the next step. Seamlessly integrate our calculator with your CRM or marketing automation to tie in lead scoring, routing, and campaign tracking and get high-value leads to your sales team quickly. Facilitate a seamless handoff from marketing to sales with deep prospect insight and understanding. You can also use it in live engagements to conduct ROI simulations with a prospect.


Fully configurable, totally yours.

Create a branded calculator experience by applying your visual guidelines to any of the ValueCloud calculator templates. We offer model development support to streamline back-end functionality. And with templated PDF outputs, you can apply your look and feel for a tailored end-to-end experience.

Powering real-world results.
The ValueCloud Smart Web Calculator delivers 12.5%+ conversion improvement for inquiries into marketing qualified leads (MQLs)*.
  • Company: $.5B/year in annual revenue
  • Net Profit Margin: 30%
  • Shares Outstanding: 195M
  • Topline from net new business: 30%
  • Average Sale Price (ASP): $250K
  • SiriusDecisions typical lead waterfall factors.
  • Web Value Calculator Improvement Factor at this stage: 12.5%
This result represents an impact to one metric in the very early funnel stages— conversion towards an opportunity.
ValueCloud affects other metrics in the sales cycle: discounting, deal acceleration, deal size, and conversion rate improvement. Combined these all create a top-line and bottom-line impact.

See how ValueCloud® can deliver for you.

Take your customer value strategy to the next level and make value your key differentiator. Unlock a reliable solution with organization-wide impact.