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DecisonLink offers an end-to-end solution to cover the entire customer value journey across your roles or browse our solutions by role.

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Flexible enough to support your differences.
Structured enough to support your scale.

System Design Features

  • Full Responsiveness: Any connected device supported: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc.
  • Full Localization: Any language, currency, and number format both UI and Content/Assets.
  • CRM Integration: Sales Cloud, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and more.
  • SSO Integration: SAML 2.0, VMware Workspace One, Okta
  • Data Integration: Universal Data Approach with standard integration to Dunn and Bradstreet.
  • Logging & Reporting: Full analytics, logging, and auditing for administrators and users.
  • SOC 2 Type II Compliant
  • Dynamic Content Assets: Dynamically create fully branded MS Office or PDF assets.
  • Sharing: Share solutions with partners. Share positions, props, and realizations with customers.
  • Cloning: Clone solutions, positions, props, and realizations to support unlimited scenarios.
  • Best Practice Libraries: Solution Models, Content/Assets, Templates, etc.
  • Updated Workflow Engine: Provides users the ability to align a Value-based engagement with existing sales processes and discovery methodologies/motion.
  • Formulas vs. Scratchpads: Fully flexible construction of benefits calculations. Able to construct benefit formulas similar to calculations performed in a spreadsheet.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Comparison: Able to group and compare cost scenarios, including feature comparison with competitors.
  • Simple Consistent UI and Dashboards: More intuitive and consistent experience and simplified user interface.
  • Customer Specific Database: Each ValueCloud® customer will have their own data completely walled off from other customers.
  • Updated Technical Stack: Provides the ability to leverage pre-existing third-party packages for common capabilities.
  • Built-in Test Automation: Improved ability to test changes in the ValueCloud® platform before deployment to production.
  • Migration to AWS: Places ValueCloud® on an industry-leading hosting platform.
  • Data Access via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Allows programmers to access ValueCloud® functionality. A ValueCloud® customer could create their own user interface while calling ValueCloud® APIs.
  • Non-Financial Benefits: Ability to measure benefits in non-financial units (e.g. paper, time, carbon credits).
  • Value Realization/Roadmap To Success:
    • Customer Success Managers can select specific business cases for inclusion or exclusion in a Value Tracker.
    • ValueCloud® performs the math across all selected business cases to demonstrate the value achieved within that scope.
    • Customer Success Managers can review and adopt action plans based on best practices.
  • Value Realization/Self Service Integration:
    • Self-service mapping of fields to be used in Value Tracking calculations.
    • Able to integrate to any customer system to pull data directly from the source.
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