DecisionLink built the industry’s first enterprise-class application for Value Selling. Addressing the entire Buyer Journey and Customer Lifecycle, DecisionLink is an integrated application delivering:

  • ValueCloud® – the most robust repository and foundation for enterprise selling
  • Account Insights – to get smart about accounts in minutes
  • Value Positions – to understand your value in minutes
  • Value Propositions – to quantify, articulate and defend your value, and close deals
  • Value Realization – to defend your customer base, and sell them more

“I have led value selling teams for more than 15 years. During that time, I have led the development of numerous value-selling tools using large teams of dedicated development resources. DecisionLink has done an amazing job of building an integrated, enterprise-class application that makes it easy for organizations of any size to position the business value of their solutions throughout the customer relationship. DecisionLink customers achieve value-selling scale at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.”

Mark Stevens – Vice President, Customer Strategy, Vlocity


  • Better Campaign Lead Generation Percentage
  • Higher Lead to Opportunity Conversions
  • Faster Opportunity to Forecast
  • Shorter Time in POC (Proof of Concept)
  • Improved Close Rate
  • Increased ASP, Reduced Discount
  • Reduced Churn
  • Increased Cross-Selling and Up-Selling



What if you had a repository built specifically for “value objects” and that supported the notion of customer value across all aspects of your business? Is that the missing link to being a value driven enterprise?


How much more effective would you be if your territories were fair and balanced, you had an evolving catalog of install and competitive whitespace, and a compelling message based on value not features?


What if you could spark awareness of the major pain points and qualified pipeline growth opportunities in your smart account brief for each of your target accounts? How would the conversation change for your sellers and buyers?


What if you had a business value assessment for every opportunity in your pipeline and forecast? Would that help your buyers fund your proposals? Would you close more deals and increase your ASP?


Could you keep more customers and expand your footprint if you measured the success each customer is able to achieve and their potential for more value? Could this help your net new sales?


DecisionLink not only delivers the industry’s first enterprise-class application for value, we deliver via a proven customer success methodology that guarantees your organization will be at delivering more, better, faster and at lower cost in 90 days or less.

Ask about our complimentary Value Assessment and Customer Success  Guarantee.


DecisionLink’s Value Factory is filled with experts which have been engaged with 100’s of customers, 1000’s of times with great results. This talented team helps our customers model and scale either existing business value teams or help augment while our customers build their own teams.


The DecisionLink process for customer value engagement is simple, straightforward, and works within all of the major sales methodologies. It is important that this is not a replacement sales process or methodology but one that enhances your go-to-market strategies.


One huge challenge for sellers is reliance for all of the answers from the customer to get off the starting blocks. DecisionLink incorporates information from top industry sources, our own customers, and years of experience allows our customers to take an assumptive approach and talk about value day one.


We initially thought “If we build it, they (salespeople) would come!”. Our ValueCloud® platform provides automation so that conversations fueled by value and ROI can happen more naturally with a high level of certainty, the prior topics allow you to really perform the transformation needed for all of your sellers.

Transforming Your Business Into A Value Selling Machine

Enhance sales performance through customer alignment! DecisionLink is completely dedicated to customer aligned value selling. We believe it should be a core business function of every organization.

Hence, we offer a wide range of automated processes and tools that can help businesses communicate their unique value to customers and generate more leads and prospects.

DecisionLink provides customer-focused value propositions and business cases that communicate the value of your solutions. Our value based selling methodology can lead to better customer engagement and purchase decisions.

Regardless of your business size, type or location, there’s something in store for everyone at DecisionLink.