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Stand out in the complex FinTech market by focusing on outcomes

Move from transactional sales to strategic value selling by leading with business outcomes to the customer. Quantify the business problem and build customized business cases for your champions. ValueCloud® makes it all possible.


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Improve win rates by 50-70%
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Retain over 95% of your customers
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Reduce discounting by up to 20%

Quantify the business problem early to improve demand generation

Engage with prospects around business drivers — ROI and outcomes. Integrate web calculators and value hypotheses early in the funnel to pique curiosity and generate qualified leads for sales and SDR teams.

Stand out in a competitive and saturated financial market

Break through the noise and differentiate your approach with a value hypothesis highlighting the financial impact of your solutions. With ValueCloud, sellers have a self-service resource to help them confidently prepare and present ROI in every sales cycle.

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Accelerate complex sales cycles and preserve margins

Collaborate with prospects throughout the buyer journey to refine numbers and generate a business case that your champions are proud to present to their CFO.

Differentiate with professional, personalized assets

Create sales-ready assets quickly and easily. Personalize PDFs, PowerPoints, and Word documents for every customer and always be prepared for every customer conversation.

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Connect pre-sales promises to post-sale delivery to increase stickiness with customers

Highlight value delivered against expected results with Value Realization. Identify areas for cross-sell and upsell or prepare improvement plans for underperforming accounts. By tracking value delivered, you can effectively maximize your growth potential with customers.

The value enablement platform

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Value hypothesis builder tailored to each prospect
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Customizable tear sheets and one-pagers
Branded case studies with up-to-date outcome data
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Reliable sources of industry, company, and market data
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Integrations with your CRM, marketing, and data solutions
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Value realization to track and monitor ongoing results

Quantify your business impact to stand out from competition

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"ValueCloud® changes the conversation for our sales teams. It allows us to move away from prospects asking, ‘Do you have what I need in the product?’ to instead asking, ‘How is it going to impact our organization?’ And that’s where the opportunity to expand the deal comes in."
Linda Roach Vice President of Product Marketing
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“Our prospects and customers need a way to articulate the business value we deliver when our sales teams aren’t in the room, and our sellers have been hungry for a way to deliver that to them at scale. ValueCloud lets them co-create the business value story and enables our champions to confidently make their case our for solution. ValueCloud has influenced over 15% of FY23 new ARR YTD, supporting both new business and expansion opportunities. Reps using ValueCloud are closing larger deals, faster.”
Jarod Greene Vice President of Product Marketing
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"At BetterCloud, we put our customer at the center, measuring and articulating value throughout the marketing, sales and customer lifecycle. ValueCloud has been an integral part of this strategy for us, especially for building corporate alignment around business outcomes. From a new sales perspective, when we build a BVA with ValueCloud, we've seen our win rates increase by 4.9X and our ACV is 47% higher than in deals without."
Chris Jones CRO
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Our Customers 



NCR Corporation is a leader in transforming, connecting and running technology platforms for self-directed banking, stores and restaurants.



DocuSign has seen a 73% win rate improvement from using ValueCloud.



Equifax believes knowledge drives progress. As a global data, analytics, and technology company, they play an essential role in the global economy by helping financial institutions, companies, employers, and government agencies make critical decisions with greater confidence.



BetterCloud reported a win rate increase of 4.9X with Business Value Assessments from ValueCloud. They are seeing a 47% higher ACV than on deals without automated business cases.



Amadeus recorded a 45% improvement in deal velocity acceleration and increased their close rate by 27%.



CrowdStrike has influenced $189 Million in Revenue with Business Value Assessments from ValueCloud.



iCIMS has a 94.5% win rate when they leverage a Value Assessment from ValueCloud and are seeing a 2.9X higher ASP.



Verint has reduced discounting by 17% with ValueCloud and shortened business case development from 8 hours to 45 minutes.

The Foundation For Outcome-Based Customer Relationships

This IDC Spotlight shares why customer value
management (CVM) is the best way to measure the
lifetime value of a commercial relationship, how it
differs from conventional ROI and value-based selling, 
and the impact it has on businesses. 
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