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Focus on value to maximize relationships and market share

ValueCloud® enables manufacturers to shift from selling products to outcomes, helping them to increase win rates, grow revenue, expand market share and prove their ROI.


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Improve win rates by 50-70%
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Retain over 95% of your customers
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Reduce discounting by up to 20%

Elevate customer conversations by selling business outcomes

Increase your team’s confidence in selling business outcomes with easy access to value insights. ValueCloud’s self-service interface and Guided Discovery frameworks make it easy for any user to navigate complex sales scenarios and tailor your product positioning to every account.

Improve how you sell as-a-Service offerings with ROI and TCO

Demonstrate the tangible value of as-a-Service manufacturing with clear quantification of the ROI and TCO customers can expect. From labor savings, avoidance of overtime pay, and training cost savings, to increases in throughput, productivity, consistency and production, it's important to capture the full impact of an as-a-Service investment.


Accelerate digital transformation to improve sales effectiveness

Empower field sales teams with the ability to more easily articulate your value propositions. Differentiate your offerings from the competition and increase agility with a centralized platform that puts value-based resources at your field team's fingertips.

Build long-lasting customer relationships with value realization

Exceed service delivery expectations and easily identify opportunities for cross-sell and upsell with existing customers by highlighting value in every account review. Clear value communication also makes it easier to get ahead of any issues.


Create field-ready, customized assets that demonstrate your value

Generate materials and communications customized for each customer or prospect quickly and easily. With ValueCloud, your team can be prepared with PDFs, PowerPoints, and Word documents tailored to each conversation.

The value enablement platform

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Value hypothesis builder tailored to each prospect
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Customizable tear sheets and one-pagers
Branded case studies with up-to-date outcome data
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Reliable sources of industry, company, and market data
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Integrations with your CRM, marketing, and data solutions
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Value realization to track and monitor ongoing results

Shift from selling products to selling outcomes

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"We chose the right tool, but it’s not just the tool, we chose the right partner. DecisionLink has been a fantastic partner, willing to innovate with us, very attuned to our needs, and with a great vision for where they want to take this product and capability."
Ran Haimoff Head of Customer Value Management
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"When we close a deal, we’ve already put in all the work through product development, marketing, and so on—and those costs are fixed. We’re not going to lower the cost of our offering. If we can use ValueCloud® to justify the business case and get a better price, that additional income goes directly to the bottom line."
Jeff Bolke Former Executive Vice President of Sales
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"ValueCloud allows me to save significant time creating an ROI for the customer. Additionally, it adds creditability to my conversation with the C-Suite and/ or financial stakeholders."
Anonymous Large Medical Device Company
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Our Customers 



Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.



Highspot influenced over 15% of FY23 new ARR, supporting both new business and expansion opportunities.



Amadeus recorded a 45% improvement in deal velocity acceleration and increased their close rate by 27%.



Verint has reduced discounting by 17% with ValueCloud and shortened business case development from 8 hours to 45 minutes.



Planview has increased their ASP for Enterprise deals by 16% and their ASP for Strategic deals by 93% with ValueCloud.



CrowdStrike has influenced $189 Million in Revenue with Business Value Assessments from ValueCloud.



iCIMS has a 94.5% win rate when they leverage a Value Assessment from ValueCloud and are seeing a 2.9X higher ASP.



BetterCloud reported a win rate increase of 4.9X with Business Value Assessments from ValueCloud. They are seeing a 47% higher ACV than on deals without automated business cases.

The Foundation For Outcome-Based Customer Relationships

This IDC Spotlight shares why customer value
management (CVM) is the best way to measure the
lifetime value of a commercial relationship, how it
differs from conventional ROI and value-based selling, 
and the impact it has on businesses. 
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