Success and Value Come Together at Gainsight Pulse. Join Us.

Gainsight is the Customer Success Event of the Season. Let’s Go!
The Gainsight Pulse event is coming up June 9-11. It’s virtual and sure to be jam-packed with great insights, perspectives, and trends about customer success. DecisionLink is looking forward to participating in the event (and making some exciting announcements). We’ll be bringing Customer Value Management to the forefront to help deepen the impact of customer success. As a proud sponsor of the event, we know that customer success is key to ongoing profitability. Together, Gainsight and DecisionLink give companies a way to capture, track, and quantify the economic value provided so that what was promised in the sales cycle is effectively being delivered and demonstrated.

Experience ValueCloud Virtually
The event promises lots of engaging content around customer success that you’ll want to take full advantage of — from keynotes (we’re looking forward to Mindy Kalling!) to panels and breakout sessions. The DecisionLink team will also be hosting visitors at our virtual booth. Be sure to stop by to experience DecisionLink’s automated, enterprise-grade ValueCloud® platform for yourself. As a self-service value management solution, ValueCloud puts Customer Value Management into the hands of everyone on your team. By empowering more people to monitor and share actual value delivered, you have the ability to put customer success front and center in every interaction. If you’d like a personalized walk through everything ValueCloud can do, let’s schedule an appointment.

See the Synergies
The partnership between DecisionLink and Gainsight is an important advance for the industry. ValueCloud integrated with Gainsight gives customer success teams easy-to-use, market-leading value tools to help with measuring customer lifetime value. Gainsight and DecisionLink have taken what used to be a manual, time-intensive process, and made it easily accessible across your entire organization. With the power of value, your customer success teams can quantify business outcomes, boost satisfaction, and create deeper cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.  It all adds up to reduced customer churn, increased Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and improved profitability. By elevating the conversation and adding in measurable economic value, your customer success staff will be speaking to the needs of the C-suite, which can positively impact your business.

Together, Gainsight and ValueCloud make it possible to:

  • Establish and streamline customer KPIs
  • Ensure you deliver on the business case promised during the sales process
  • Anticipate churn and proactively course-correct
  • Define industry benchmarks
  • Formalize and streamline the case study process
  • Continuously improve business models

According to Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, ValueCloud is, “The final missing link in the industry. Connecting the value that was promised in the sales cycle to the value that is being delivered and demonstrated.”

Let’s Get the Pulse Together
Be sure to secure your spot at the Gainsight Pulse event today. We’ll be available throughout the event to help you make the most of customer success at every step of the journey. And be sure to stay tuned for those announcements we mentioned. We believe customer success is always key to our client’s success, so we’re always enhancing and improving our tools for the segment. You absolutely won’t want to miss out.

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