Supercharge Sales Effectiveness

Sales effectiveness is a favorite buzz-word for today’s B2B sales      
organizations. I looked at a chart recently of sales technologies,
methodologies and so forth, it looked like this.  Photo To Right Opens. 

Of course there is a whole different chart for “Inside Sales”, and don’t even go to the adjacent Marketing chart.

If you search for a while, you’ll see DecisionLink on the chart, one of hundreds of technologies available to clutter the landscape and hopefully impact sales productivity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re there along with several of our customers.

We all think we’re the end-all, panacea, stick that stirs the drink (with apologies to Reggie Jackson). We even used “silver bullet” in a recent messaging! Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot of capability expressed that is about bombarding buyers with more content faster while barely scratching the surface of “what’s in it for me”. “Me” being the buyer.

In this series, we’re going to focus on getting personalized and specific with buyer value, and
how  doing so positively impacts virtually every other investment in sales enablement, sales effectiveness, sales whatever-you-want-to-call-it technologies.

We look forward to your input, feedback, critiques and more!

Jim Berryhill
Jim Berryhill
“Every deal we work on is associated with a customer project that has a business case. We should not expect high performance in our sales organizations if we as sellers don’t understand that business case, and the economic value of our solutions.” An ardent believer in customer aligned value selling, Jim founded DecisionLink to bring automation and systemic support to what should be a core business function for all B2B organizations.

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