A Key to Successful Selling: Demonstrating the Quantifiable Value

Customer Value Realization: Taos

Ability to demonstrate quantifiable value in minutes

Taos, an IBM Company, is an emerging technology consulting and managed services providing end-to-end support for mission-critical operations and innovations. They provide both strategic and technical guidance while implementing transformative solutions to empower enterprises. As a comprehensive Technology Solutions Partner in today’s complex digital landscape, they help customers operate efficiently, rapidly innovate, and scale their business.  The company specializes in cloud strategic consulting, migration, and 24x7x365 operations and managed services powered by its DevOps practice. With the adoption of ValueCloud®, Taos has been able to demonstrate quantifiable value by creating a customized business case for its customers quickly and skillfully.

With ValueCloud®, Taos can win deals faster and upsell based on individual customer needs, keeping satisfied customers for life.

Chief Revenue Officer

Company Profile
  • Industry: Multi-Cloud Consulting & Managed Services
  • Location: San Jose, California, USA
  • Number of Employees: 600+

Key Benefits Realized by Implementing ValueCloud®

  • Taos can now demonstrate quantifiable value by creating a customized business case within moments
  • Input of a prospect’s challenges into ValueCloud® showed that one month of waiting cost $50K of waste for the business, helping Taos win the deal and save their prospect's money
  • Gained the ability to show prospects their percent of ROI and payback period by partnering with Taos