The Heart of a Nxt-Gen ROI System – Selling Value to Existing Customers

Nxt Generation ROIThe Heart of a Nxt-Gen ROI System – Selling Value to Existing Customers

Last post we discussed the 3 ways new opportunities get started:

1. Seller helps prospect identify need
2. Prospect identifies need on their own
3. Competition helps prospect identify need and how a Nxt-Gen ROI
system impacted all 3 in a material way.

Today the conversation is about your existing customers, specifically, keeping your customers, protecting margins, fending off competition and promoting cross-sell/up-sell.

Achieving those is the penultimate achievement of CUSTOMER CARE.

Imagine for your existing customers a scenario like this…6 months prior to a renewal, your company offers a complementary “health check-up” service. It’s short and sweet, you interview the customer staff and:

  • Identify (and measure) areas of success,
  • Identify areas that need improvement,
  • Identify potential competitive threats, and
  • Identify areas of new opportunity.

Several months before your renewal, you’ve done all of the above and provide the customer an assessment a few weeks later that lays the groundwork for your renewal.

What customer doesn’t want this kind of service from their vendors? Yet it is rarely provided. Simply put, your NxtGen-ROI system MUST facilitate this capability for your organization so that is standard practice, a part of your customer engagement DNA.

Outcomes? Lower churn rates, improved margins, and up-sell/cross-sell for more revenue.

It’s not theoretical, check out this week’s Value Selling Success Story for a prime example.

Ensuring your organization has a Nxt-Gen ROI capability unlocks the potential for all 4 ways that sales opportunities get started.




Jim Berryhill
Jim Berryhill
“Every deal we work on is associated with a customer project that has a business case. We should not expect high performance in our sales organizations if we as sellers don’t understand that business case, and the economic value of our solutions.” An ardent believer in customer aligned value selling, Jim founded DecisionLink to bring automation and systemic support to what should be a core business function for all B2B organizations.

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