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Is it worth it to create ROI analysis for your opportunities?

As a B2B sales professional, your decision whether or not to invest time in creating a business case depends on the amount of effort required versus your expected return.  And since today’s prevailing paradigm is that creating a unique business case is a difficult task, most of your opportunities probably don’t have one.


On the other hand, your prospects have a limited amount of funds and they will (or should) only invest in those projects that promise the highest yield.  They will always compare your proposal with a multitude of others, and if you do not discuss a financial justification with the decision maker then someone else will.

So how do we solve this dilemma?  By disrupting the status quo and using technology to decrease the amount of effort required.

When you can generate detailed business case documents in a matter of minutes for all your opportunities, you will have better conversations at the highest levels and your close rate will increase.

The ROI of ROI then becomes undeniable.




Gabriel Vidal
I help leading B2B companies grow their revenue by using the most innovative value selling automation platform.

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