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At DecisionLink we’re all about value. When we’re not building enterprise-class software solutions for Customer Value Management (CVM) like ValueCloud®, we’re busy exploring what’s going on in the world of value and sales leadership. In ‘The Value Chronicles’, published every second week, we’ll be sharing some of the news and editorial that has caught our eye.

  • DecisionLink’s Founder and CEO, Jim Berryhill, was published in Selling Power: “Customer Value Management is Here”. Jim explains that, “widely-used CRM applications manage customer “relationships,” but do little to capture, manage, and leverage data associated with customer “value.” Customer value management (CVM) adds not only the discipline and methodology to capture value data, but also a math engine to create actionable intelligence from value data – driving better business outcomes for both buyer and seller.”
  • Forbes contributor, Adrian Bridgwater, asked: “What Is Technology Scalability?” Adding, “The technology industry is always talking about scalability. It’s a key buzzword. ‘Our platform is eminently scalable and capable of adaptive accessibility across multiple change vectors,’ claims just about every IT spokesperson, ever. But what does any of that really mean and why is scalability such an attractive and necessary term in the eyes of IT marketing folk?” Scaling is a key component to DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® and a key motivation for so many of our customers.
  • According to Smarter with Gartner, Chief Sales Officers must anticipate and prepare for changes in the environment that can threaten business success in “A CSO’s New Year Action Guide for Uncertainty”. No matter what side of the political fence you’re on, there are some great points that CSOs need to keep in mind as they guide their sales teams through an economically and politically charged year.
  • We’re thrilled for our customer and partner, DocuSign, on being named a Leader in the Contract Lifecycle Management Magic Quadrant by Gartner, Inc.
  • Key accounts are the lifeblood of many B2B organizations, but you’ll need to rally the entire sales organization to maximize the value of these relationships. Interesting points from Gartner about running a successful Key Account Management program in their blog, “Ask These 3 Questions for Key Account Management Success”.
  • And from IDC, “Three Capabilities That Drive the Future of Intelligence: The Next Source of Competitive Differentiation”. What comes to mind when you think of intelligence within your organization? Is it having access to the latest information on key metrics, such as revenue, costs, and profit? Or, is it a broader view of ‘all information’ you need to make a decision?

We built an infographic that celebrates the 2019 highlights and milestones along the ValueCloud® journey.  We invite you to take a look at the infographic and consider requesting a value assessment so you can join us on this incredible evolution of customer value management.  For more regular updates follow us on, or

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