The New Era Of Selling

We live in an era defined by information overload. It’s not too far a stretch to say that nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet on hand with them at all times, constantly researching, liking, posting, calling, texting, etc. According to CommScore, in 2017 the average person spent 2 hours and 51 minutes per day on their mobile phone. That number has more than likely increased in 2018. So how does this information tie into selling tactics?

Old sales tactics…“It does this, that, and everything under the sun”

Traditional sales, before the mobile era, were based on a fundamental basis of feature selling. Sales reps, regardless of industry, took a patterned approach of learning their product or service and its capabilities and then pushing this information on ANY and ALL potential customers, even if they weren’t a good fit for the product or service.

In today’s market, your buyers already have access to the information your reps are likely to start a conversation with. In some cases, prospective buyers might even know more about your product or service than your sales reps do. In a matter of seconds, the average consumer can explore your website, social media, reviews, videos and any other publicity found online.

How do you overcome the gap between sellers and buyers?

You guessed it…with More Information. The balance between Buyers and Sellers needs to be more balanced. This starts by preemptively giving sellers what they want most, Value. As a seller, you have to start the conversation by answering the number one question on their mind:

What’s the actual impact of your solutions in real value terms?

No more fluff. No more jargon. No more features. Your buyers want to know how your product will affect their bottom line in terms of total ROI, revenue, discount rate, campaign response, close rate.

I know what you’re thinking… collecting this much information and building a business case for your prospects would require an entire team of business analysts weeks to complete, neither of which you likely have on hand.

Those days are over!

There’s a new technology, ValueCloud®, on the playing field that enables selling organizations to calculate, aggregate, and communicate the value of their solutions using Value Selling Automation®.

No more excel sheets. No more Googling. No more wasted time.

ValueCloud® is the first enterprise-class value selling platform of its kind. Built specifically to empower value-driven, customer-centric relationships with your clients across the entire buyer-lifecycle. From the first call to the final value proposition, ValueCloud® is transforming how businesses and their selling departments engage customers.

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Patrick McRae

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