Value Communicated. Customers Acquired.

ValueCloud® helps marketers to fill the funnel with high-quality leads, improve conversion rates, and ultimately achieve greater marketing ROI. ValueCloud® provides powerful ways to engage prospects in value-based conversations earlier in the sales cycle by:

  • Automating the development of case studies by bringing together qualitative proof points and quantitative messaging
  • Generating leads on your website with interactive, value-based simulations, helping prospects discover the economic impact of your solutions
  • Converting lead generation activity into detailed Business Cases to be leveraged by Sales
  • Integrating with all major marketing automation platforms to collect lead data, tie that with prospect-driven value metrics, and routed to sales for impactful first conversations

When marketing leverages value-based metrics and conversations in top of funnel activities, it increases attach rate, SAL and SQL conversion, marketing contribution to pipeline, and ROI.

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ValueCloud® for Marketers delivers 12.5% (or greater) conversion improvement of inquiries to SALs. For a company doing $500M in annual revenues, this translates to the following financial benefits:

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  • Company size: $.5B per year in annual revenue, 30% Net Profit Margin, 195M Shares Outstanding
  • 30% of topline comes from net new business
  • Average Sale Price (ASP) $250K
  • SiriusDecisions typical lead waterfall factors. 
  • Typical Web Value Calculator Improvement Factor at this stage - 12.5%

This result represents an impact to one metric in the very early funnel stages - conversion towards an opportunity. ValueCloud affects other metrics in the sales cycle: discounting, deal acceleration, deal size, and conversion rate improvement.  Combined these all create a top-line and bottom-line impact.

Why ValueCloud®?

ValueCloud® isn’t your typical web calculator or static economic report. By generating leads with an interactive ROI simulation on your website, marketers can empower their SDR and Sales teams to lead with value-based conversations in their outreach, turning the top of funnel Value Hypothesis into a Business Case that can be owned by Sales.

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