Your Path to Affordable, Scalable and High-Impact Value Management
Turnkey Value Management Solution

Establish Value. Grow your Brand.

DecisionLink’s Turnkey Value Management (TVM) Program delivers all the powerful value management capabilities and integrations of the ValueCloud® platform, along with bundled on-boarding, modeling, training, and mentoring services – available in all-inclusive subscription tiers. 

With Turnkey Value Management Program from DecisionLink, organizations now have an affordable, self-service, and scalable path to activating ‘Best in Class Value Management,’ across marketing, sales and customer success, addressing value across all stages of the buyer and customer journey for every single prospect and customer.

Traditionally, companies hire expensive value consultants that take time to onboard and can only support a limited number of deals at any given time. As a result, only the most strategic deals have access to any level of value analysis.

For a third of the cost of a single value consultant, the TVM Program provides access to the powerful value engine that is trusted by brands like ServiceNow, DocuSign, Equifax, and more, giving businesses the opportunity to leapfrog their competition, while realizing benefits of a sophisticated value practice – revenue growth, reduced churn, increased customer satisfaction, and more.

Companies will not only see results, they will achieve best-in-class Value Management in 90 days or less.

The Turnkey Value Management Program from DecisionLink includes complete access to the ValueCloud® Platform: 

  • Unlimited Business Value Cases
  • Integrations to CRM, SSO, Marketing Automation, and Customer Success Platforms
  • Smart Web Calculator
  • Value Professional Workbench
  • Internationalization
  • SOC II Security Compliance
  • DecisionLink Value University Access
  • DecisionLink Adoption Protocol to ensure results in 30 days, expansion in 90 days, and sales excellence in 180 days
  • And importantly… a guarantee from DecisionLink of your results, or your money back.

Additional Service Offerings include: 

  • Value Engineering Services 
  • DecisionLink Black Belt Certification Program for Business Value Consultants and Value Engineers 
  • Custom Developed Sales Playbooks
Turnkey Value Management from DecisionLink

What does Best in Class look like with Value Management?



10X Top of Funnel with Value
26% Propensity to Buy
2X Improved Conversions
Funnel Performance

Customer Success

2X Increase in ACV
130%+ Net Recurring Revenue
18% Increase in NPS
Profitability Performance

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40-100% higher close rate
10-18%+ discount reduction
50% increase in deal velocity
Top Line Performance


Impacts in Marketing, Sales, Customer Success
Supercharge Partner Channel
Enhance Partner Mindshare
Channel Performance

Scale Business Value Assessments to Lead with Value in Every Sales Cycle

The ability to scale the production of Business Value Assessments unlocks a significant capability for value professionals and sales reps to ensure that value is a key, strategic component of every sales conversation.

Compare the output per quarter with traditional value management versus with Turnkey Value Management.

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