Value realization enables customer renewals and expansion.

Value insights make operational and financial decisions easier. With ValueCloud® Value Achievement Tracker, maximizing customer lifetime value is more achievable. By continuously measuring and sharing value delivered since deal signing, companies have greater potential for renewal, cross-sell, up-sell, and account expansion. When your customers can see the measurable results of the value they’ve gained, the benefits are translated into incremental revenue opportunities.

Use value realization to create customers for life.

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Monitor and measure value for lifelong customers.

Drive adoption with proof of value delivery. Value Achievement Tracker empowers your CSM teams to track and report your clients’ value realized.

Based on close to 160,000 business cases delivered for clients over the past three years, Value Achievement Tracker has helped create approximately $1.4 B in value based on industry average close rates of 33%. In addition, insights provided by Value Achievement Tracker enable product managers and marketers to harness an invaluable resource that makes ongoing product development, pricing and packaging more data-driven.


Watch our webinar on this topic with Product Management expert, Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D., the Chief Value Officer at Thales. Watch it HERE.

Increase your team’s efficiency.

ValueCloud Value Achievement Tracker makes it easy for account managers and customer success teams to share value with champions, executive sponsors, and influencers. With access to a thorough, comprehensive process that tracks important KPIs and value achieved, they can expertly drive customer lifetime value.

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Facilitate proactive value delivery.

The sales process is just the beginning of customer value conversations. To build momentum, value needs to be an essential ingredient in all of your interactions with prospects and customers. Instead of reactively leveraging value, Value Achievement Tracker gives your teams the ability to proactively demonstrate value before customers ask. They can use these metrics to deepen customer relationships and guide Quarterly Value Reviews.

Demonstrating the economic impact delivered.
Tracking and providing value at every customer touchpoint makes it easier to capitalize on renewal, cross- and up-selling opportunities. Using the Value Achievement Tracker drastically impacts net recurring revenue, an essential SaaS KPI. Demonstrating value delivered boosts NRR 120 to 130%*.
  • Company: $.5B/year in annual revenue
  • Net Profit Margin: 30%
  • Shares Outstanding: 195M
  • Topline from renewal business: 70%
  • Average Sale Price (ASP): $250K
  • Average Net Renewal Rates for ValueCloud users leveraging the Value Achievement Tracker: 120%
This result represents an impact to one metric in the early funnel stages - conversion towards a win. ValueCloud affects other metrics in the sales cycle: discounting, deal acceleration, deal size, and conversion rate improvement. Combined these all create a top-line and bottom-line impact.
Actual customer statistics from companies including CrowdStrike, Verint, DocuSign, Planview and more. Explore our case studies to uncover more ways ValueCloud can improve sales effectiveness.

In Q4, our first full quarter of usage, we saw deals with a DecisionLink Value Proposition closed at a 25% higher rate than those without.

Kristina Scontras
Director of Sales Operations

Leveraging value outcomes to boost expansion.

With more and more revenues coming from up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, value is increasingly important. Acquiring new customers is expensive — about $1.32 for each $1 ARR. However, your costs drop to $0.71 and $0.38 when renewing and expanding to deliver additional services to existing customers. Value realization helps you capitalize on this.

Instead of looking at value as only part of the initial sales process, savvy organizations embed value in every customer interaction. This is the key to developing lifetime relationships with customers. Value Achievement Tracker makes value a universally accessible resource that your teams can readily define, refine, measure, and share.

Value Achievement Tracker provides access to continuously updated value data. As a result, you can:

  • Give customers a clear understanding of their investment and how your solution helps them achieve strategic outcomes
  • Access real-time value updates and make adjustments that boost ROI long before customers ask for them
  • Recoup initial time, money, and effort invested in acquiring a new customer
  • Increase renewals and capitalize on cross- and up-sell opportunities
  • Tap into value achieved for each customer and create business cases to aid future prospecting

Sources: Google, Redpoint Venture Capital, ProfitWell. The SaaS CFO and Hubspot

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